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How to Find Haunted Cemeteries

Fiona Broome's guide to finding haunted cemeteries, and what to look for when you get there.

Locations (Where to Look for Ghosts)

  • Before You Visit a Haunted Cemetery (Free Report, Worksheet)Before You Visit a Haunted Cemetery (Free Report, Worksheet)
    Before you visit a haunted cemetery, learn everything you can about its history, the graves in it (and outside it), and nearby landmarks.  That can mean the difference between a thrilling investigation and one that’s simply ho-hum. For
  • Ghost Hunting in Haunted Cemeteries – MindMapGhost Hunting in Haunted Cemeteries – MindMap
    Ghost Hunting in Haunted Cemeteries – A How-To Guide has been one of my best-selling books. Based on feedback from yesterday’s mindmap (Ley Lines for Ghost Hunters MindMap), I’ve created another printable (JPG) mindmap. This one
  • Ley Lines for Ghost Hunters – MindMapLey Lines for Ghost Hunters – MindMap
    Ley lines are very visual ways to prepare for paranormal investigations. So, it makes sense to put this information in a visual format: a mindmap. I’ve prepared it as a graphic (JPG) so you can print it for reference. On the other hand, if

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