At this site, you’ll find over 100 ghost-related questions answered by the founder of HollowHill.com, Fiona Broome.

If you’re frightened and worried about your safety, leave the haunted location right now. Find a safe place to stay for a day or two, perhaps with a friend or relative.

Then read Afraid of a ghost or demon? Here’s what to do.

For now, this site has some of the most-asked questions from Fiona Broome’s book, 101 Ghost Hunting Questions, Answered.

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How can I buy a haunted house?

Do you want to buy a haunted house? You might be able to, if you're sure that's what you want.…

Do they film ghost stories in really haunted places?

Yes, they do film ghost stories at genuinely haunted (and scary) places. It’s happened many times. One of my all-time…

Is Disney’s Haunted Mansion really haunted?

For years, Disney’s Haunted Mansion attractions have been connected with ghost stories. Among all of the Haunted Mansion attractions, the…

What’s the best haunted house attraction at a theme park?

Unless it's Halloween, few theme parks feature a haunted house among their attractions. Theme parks like Universal (Orlando, Florida) stage…

How should I write haunted house stories?

Authors often ask me how to write (or even begin) a realistic novel about ghosts and haunted houses. They're usually…

How should I write a ghost story?

Writing convincing ghost stories can be challenging. You might think you can get away with more in fiction than nonfiction.…

Why do some haunted houses require waivers?

Some haunted sites require waivers due to dangerous areas that visitors must avoid. The fact is, some ghost enthusiasts take…

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