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101 Ghost Hunting Questions, Answered
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Fiona’s book, 101 Ghost Hunting Questions, Answered, includes answers to the top 101 questions asked about ghosts, haunted places, ghost hunting, shadow people, and more.

It’s ideal for beginning ghost hunters, and people concerned about ghosts.

And, it’s FREE to read in Kindle Unlimited.

If you’ve had questions about ghosts and paranormal research, and want reliable advice from a trusted professional, read this book now.


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No matter where you are, there’s probably a haunted cemetery nearby.

This book is ideal for beginners and experienced ghost hunters, alike.

It’s available in paperback, and it’s FREE to read in Kindle Unlimited.

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For more information (and advanced tips) about ghosts and haunted places, visit Fiona’s other website, HollowHill.com

To learn more about Fiona, visit her personal website, FionaBroome.com

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