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4 thoughts on “Ask a Question”

  1. What does it mean when you are tapped 3 times on the left shoulder? I was standing in my kitchen and felt 3 finger taps as if someone was trying to get my attention but no one was there. I felt calm at the time but can’t find out what it means

  2. I have no idea. I’ve never heard anything related to that kind of experience… not in terms of it having a specific meaning, anyway. Keep a diary and see if happens again… and then look for patterns of activity. It might point you in the direction of why it’s happening. (But maybe it was a one-time prank by a ghost?)

  3. I have a experience where , every once in while when I’m speaking to spirit with the dowsing rods. They will helicopter. One time as well I was in a mediumship weekend with my sister. We were using the rods. There was about 16 of us in two rows of 8. We were measuring each other’s energy field. A woman said, can we ask who the mediums are of this group? Me and my sister were about 6 people apart. Only our rods helicoptered. And everyone gasp and said aren’t those two sisters. Then I looked to my left down the line and saw my sisters owning rods helicopter use as mine were. At the same time. No one else’s moved. I understand someone asked. But when no one is asking and they just start doing it fast? What does that mean?
    Thank you
    Jeanne D.

  4. Hello, Jeanne!

    I’m familiar with the helicoptering experience. Dowsing rods do that when I’m using them, but only at the most intensely active locations.

    I’d take that as a “yes” to the question asked, and it suggests you may be natural mediums.

    Cheerfully, Fiona

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