If You Need Help

If you are troubled by ghosts or other entities, one or more of the following articles may answer your questions.

Mostly, if you’ve had a frightening experience that may be paranormal, I encourage you to start by talking with someone local.

My first choice is always a mainstream priest or minister, or other member of the clergy. Many paranormal entities are spirits, and the clergy have studied spiritual matters. If they can’t help you, most can refer you to someone who knows more.

Above all, do not trust strangers you meet online, even if they sound trustworthy. Predators lurk online, looking for vulnerable people. If losing money to them is the worst that happens, you’re among the lucky ones.

Verify the identity of anyone who wants to help you. Check their names against lists of sexual predators and criminals, too. Several high-profile “professionals” and at least one TV star have not been as trustworthy as people – including me – believed they were. (But to be clear: John Zaffis is still a trusted friend and authority. Dustin Pari, Brian Cano, David Wells, Peter Haviland, the TAPS team… all of them are fine to work with, as far as I know.)

But, to be very clear: your best resources are experts in spiritual fields, and they should be people trusted in your offline community… not people you met online.

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16 thoughts on “If You Need Help”

  1. For the two weeks apart myself and my daughter can see a shadow person running my guess was it could be running due to the fact that I do have an angel and a cross and a prayer that says Bless this house.

  2. I accidentally summoned about 50 shadow people. No, I’m not joking. This was for real but I don’t want to write about the whole thing unless you actually want to hear about it. I googled some ghost stuff and your Ghosts 101 website came up. After researching shadow people, because I saw another one recently (paranormal stuff happens a lot in my family), I thought I might try to give some clarity. I appreciate your work and thank you for your time.


    1. Josh, if you can spontaneously summon shadow people, contact Hollywood. I’m not kidding. I’m sure a lot of producers would be very interested in that, even if you’re just a consultant for them.

      Otherwise, contact a local ghost hunting team. If they can witness what’s going on, you may be able to help each other understand the phenomenon.

  3. In all honesty I’ve never been a huge believer in ghost stuff, but lately since I’ve moved here, I’ve found very odd and somewhat pleasant things happening in my basement. I started sleeping down there, and somedays it’s very hard to even get the energy to leave the basement even if I have tons of energy. When I woke up today I still felt tired which I assumed was normal for only 5 hours of sleep. Now weeks prior I had weird tapping just outside the room I sleep in and being the jokester I said “Hey ghost! Can you please stop? I’m trying to sleep.” Surprisingly I’ve not heard it since. Back to today I like joking around making certain things seem like it’s a ghost, but never believed it. So this morning I asked the ghost to help me out of bed so I could use the restroom. Out of nowhere I felt like I had just bet shot with a jolt of energy and went to the restroom (in the basement bathroom). Then returned to bed. Normal enough to me. I noticed on the floor were my glasses and figured I had dropped them the night before when getting ready for bed, and asked the “ghost” for enough energy to get up and put them on my nightstand so I wouldn’t later step on them. Again filled with energy then all lost when once back in bed. Still felt pretty normal until… I suddenly felt very strange as I laid there for about an hour and unusually did not want to leave my bed and although I had a clock, and could see it was morning through the windows, I still had the feeling I had lost sense of time and needed to get some fresh air. So I asked the “ghost” once again if I could please get the energy to get to the main floor. In return this time I suddenly had the emotions that A. I was freezing and needed to cover up (Also very hot here in the summer) and B. That not only I had no energy to go outside, but that I didn’t want to leave my basement. I felt fine walking around, even exercising a bit to wake up, but found it difficult to leave my basement, and almost hypnotic looking at the opposite side of the bed that I sleep on. If it is for the odd chance it’s a ghost and not my imagination and coincidences. Why is so friendly until the point I leave my basement were “it” seems to reside?

    1. What you’re describing doesn’t sound ghostly, per se. I’d believe that it’s a poltergeist, but – in your situation – the first thing I’d check is EMF levels in the basement. The energy surges and drains could be related to when EMF is affecting (and not affecting) you. Find a local ghost hunter and borrow his or her EMF meter. Check regularly, and keep a journal of anything (and everything) odd that happens.

  4. Gotta say, never watched the show. But I have lived in 3 haunted houses. In 2 of them more than 1 person was present when shit happened.
    If you wanna know where they are they are all within about 10 miles of each other, with 1 in Monticello, Indiana that has a cemetery for a backyard.

  5. Why am I seeing a black shadow in my house and other people can see it but it only attacks me? Nothing has worked and it comes from my attic to my room. I need suggestions of what I should do.

    1. Whitney, something attacking you is not a ghost. It’s something else, and ghosts are my field of study. See my article, Possessed? Need help? and scroll down to the section about “If the problem is severe.”

  6. I worked at a local restaurant for years as a waiter/bartender. My wife was the General Manager so we got all the calls at night when the alarms were triggered. I know for a fact this place is haunted and there is not enough room here for me to tell you all my experiences in the early hours at this location but it has always been known to be haunted. It originally belonged to Doctor McBride here in Apopka Florida. The company I worked for purchased the house and moved it a few miles from where it was located originally to where it sits now but apparently the Ghosts came with it. You owe it to yourselves to check out the McBride House, formerly called Townsend’s Plantation for while but not sure what the new owners call it.

  7. Hi there,
    A couple of mornings ago, we heard footsteps in our attic. Not tiny animal scratching or scurrying – definite measured footsteps. We checked, nothing there. So that night we went up to tell whomever might be there that we heard them and it’s ok but maybe they’d like to go somewhere else. I was recording my husband saying this and there is a blue orb moving around him and the general area. We got outta there. The next morning, all of our smoke alarms went off in the whole house for about 7 or 8 seconds. No smoke, no fire. It’s starting to feel like these three things cannot be a coincidence. I have the video if you would like to see it. I’m wondering what we should do now.

    1. Kara, as long as you don’t feel in danger, I’d ignore what’s going on, but keep a journal of the activity to see if you identify any patterns… times of day, locations, weather, relation to cycles of the Moon, and so on. I’m revising my book, “Is Your House Haunted?” and hope to have it back in Amazon before Halloween.

      Meanwhile, if you feel in danger, get out of there and stay out. Talk with a local priest or minister; ghosts do not attack people.

      Otherwise, keep a journal. Really, that’s the best thing to do.

  8. Hi Fiona,
    You should check Dr. Diana Espirito Santo (British/Portuguese national) working at a chilean university. Surprisingly to me, she is being funded by the chilean equivalent to NIH.

  9. Hi Fiona,
    Last night I was sitting in my reclining chair and the upper torso of a dark shadow of a man appeared for about 2 seconds just outside of the window I was facing. I told my wife it was either a burglar or the devil. Today after reading about “shadow people”, I believe it was scared off by my statute of St. Michael the Archangel on the fireplace mantle directly behind me. What do you think about my encounter?

    Thank you and God Bless you!
    Michael P May

    1. Michael, anything is possible – normal or paranormal. What’s important is that it was scared off. I’m a firm believer in the power of St. Michael the Archangel. Better to be over-protected than not enough.

  10. Hello, I have always been what you call “in tune” with the paranormal as I can feel energies in different places. Also I’ve worked in the funeral industry for years! However, last night my girlfriend and I visited a locally know area known for “activity” I’ve been there before but last night was different and I had this feeling of doom and Fred and to be honest it was an evil bad feeling. We left and on the way up the road I become very hot and short of breath and then became physically sick! She felt some energy as well And as of this morning I cannot shake the feeling that something is with me. I saw and felt some pretty bad things in a-vision like state. I was wondering if something may have tried to attach itself to me? I’ve had lots of experiences but none that have scared me or made me ill.

    1. Brian, if you’re still troubled by whatever-it-was, I hope you’ve spoken with a spiritual professional – a priest or minister – in your community. What you’re describing is not a ghost.

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