Are You in Danger? Here’s What to Do.

Are you in danger? If you’re concerned about your personal safety – physical, mental, or spiritual – get help right now.

Do NOT stay anywhere that might threaten your safety or your life. Find a relative or friend to stay with, or go to a hotel or shelter.

Then, get help in real life… not online.

Once you’re in a safe location, the following articles may put your mind at ease. (Or, they may confirm that you truly do have something to worry about. If so, keep reading this page.)

Quick answers about ghosts, demons, and shadow people

If you’re in personal danger

If you’ve had a frightening experience that may be paranormal, I encourage you to start by talking with someone local.

My first choice is always a mainstream priest or minister, or other member of the clergy.

Many paranormal entities are spirits, and the clergy have studied spiritual matters. If they can’t help you, most can refer you to someone who knows more.

Above all, do not trust strangers you meet online, even if they sound trustworthy. Predators lurk online, looking for vulnerable people. If losing money to them is the worst that happens, you’re among the lucky ones.

Verify the identity of anyone who wants to help you. Check their names against lists of sexual predators and criminals, too.

Several high-profile “professionals” and at least one TV star have not been as trustworthy as people – including me – believed they were.

(But to be clear: John Zaffis is still a trusted friend and authority. Dustin Pari, Brian Cano, David Wells, Peter Haviland, the TAPS team… all of them are fine to work with, as far as I know.)

But, to be very clear: your best resources are experts in spiritual fields, and they should be people trusted in your offline community… not people you met online.

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