About This Site

This website answers the most frequently asked questions about ghosts, ghost hunting, and haunted places. They’re from the book by professional ghost hunter Fiona Broome.

Where did the questions & answers come from?

In 2014, ghost hunter Fiona Broome gathered the most popular questions that friends and readers asked about ghosts.

She answered them in her original book, 101 Ghost Hunting Questions, Answered.

Then, in 2016, she posted the most popular questions – and answers, from that book – here.

In 2021, she updated that book and the answers at this website.

Of course, the field keeps changing as do attitudes and beliefs related to paranormal research.

So, that book – and this website – are being updated in 2023-24.

About Fiona

For over 30 years, Fiona Broome has been an author, researcher and paranormal consultant.

She studies unexplained phenomena in everyday life. She’s looking for explanations in science and history.

Fiona’s main focus has always been ghost research. (She also studies faeries and some crypto zoology, and – inadvertently, around 2009 – popularized the Mandela Effect concept.)

An unabashed geek, Fiona analyzes and sometimes predicts paranormal activity. She studies patterns of all kinds, including ley lines.

In ghost hunting, Fiona is fascinated by the reasons why some places and object (or the people around them) seem haunted… and others aren’t.

Luckily (for her, anyway), she usually finds answers in history and geography, mixed with the latest studies and theories related to quantum physics.

Fiona’s first ghost hunting website was “Yankee Haunts,” at GeoCities. In 1999, she launched Hollow Hill, one of the Internet’s first and largest ghost hunting websites.

Since then, she’s continued to research paranormal activity and what causes it.

Has been a regular speaker and invited Guest at Dragon Con and many paranormal conferences in the U.S. and Canada.

Today, Fiona prefers to focus on her research and writing.

Trickery Treat, starring Fiona BroomeDue to Fiona’s ghost hunting expertise, she was the model for the “Fiona” character in  Trickery Treat, the final novel in the first book series based on the Charmed TV show.

She’s also been a consultant for fellow authors, and a location scout (and historian) for TV series.

Currently, Fiona is updating her old books, working on new books and YouTube videos, and finding new ways to make ghost hunting more accessible – and interesting – to investigators.

You can see her latest news at Facebook’s Fiona Broome – News. Her personal, author website is at FionaBroome.com.