At this site, you’ll find over 100 ghost-related questions answered by the founder of HollowHill.com, Fiona Broome.

If you’re frightened and worried about your safety, leave the haunted location right now. Find a safe place to stay for a day or two, perhaps with a friend or relative.

Then read Afraid of a ghost or demon? Here’s what to do.

For now, this site has some of the most-asked questions from Fiona Broome’s book, 101 Ghost Hunting Questions, Answered.

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How much does it cost to go into real haunted houses?

Some genuinely haunted houses -- especially haunted hotels, museums, and B&Bs -- charge admission. Note: This is different from commercial,…

What’s it like to live in a haunted house?

What’s it like to live in a house that’s really haunted? Do people always have to leave their haunted houses…

Was there really a Canterville ghost?

The story of the Canterville ghost was created by Oscar Wilde. It’s fiction. He based it on stories he'd heard…

Why is the Lizzie Borden house haunted?

People have asked me why the Lizzie Borden house is still haunted, if -- as many believe -- Lizzie committed…

How can I see a ghost?

If you'd like to see a ghost, you may need to do a lot of ghost hunting. Many long-time ghost…

What are your favorite haunted houses?

My favorites vary. It depends on the current activity at each site. At the moment, my three favorite haunted buildings…

How can I get my own ghost hunting TV show?

Many people ask me about how to land their own ghost hunting TV show. The reality is: it's not impossible,…

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