Are shadow people dangerous?

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Ghosts 101 – Are Shadow People Dangerous?

This is a podcast by Fiona Broome, created to accompany the article, Are Shadow People Dangerous? In this 11-minute podcast, Fiona discusses shadow people, “Hat Man,” and protection for ghost hunters and other paranormal researchers.

Are Shadow People Dangerous?

I’ve received a lot of emails asking about shadow people.

At first, the questions surprised me. I don’t watch many ghost-related TV shows, so I hadn’t realized that “shadow people” were trending again.

Also, shadowy figures used to be so rare, I’d never given them a label. They were just a fleeting dark something-or-other, sometimes seen out of the corner of my eye.

Frankly, we see a lot of weird things at haunted places.

A brief, moving shadow or two…? Not so unusual.

A full, shadowy apparition…? That used to be something rare. Now, they seem to appear more often.

The first time I heard the phrase “shadow people,” was in a conversation with Grant Wilson. Oh, I knew what he was talking about, but — at that point — I had no idea that lots of people were seeing them.

Since then, it seems as if many more people are seeing shadowy figures. Is it because they’re looking for them? Or, maybe some entities aren’t as reticent as they used to be.

Shadow people - Laconia photoOver the past couple of years, I’ve seen many shadow people in TV show footage.

I’ve also taken photos of one, in a weirdly haunted private residence in Laconia, NH.

The best picture is shown at right. In real life, his shadow looked like a normal person’s shadow… except that the hat shape looked like something from the Colonial era, or very early 19th century.

The figure moved like an everyday person. It didn’t float. It didn’t fade in and out. It looked like someone was walking on the other side of the basement, in front of a light source.  (That’s why the photo is a little blurry. He didn’t pause and pose for the photo.)

And then it walked away, moving towards the wall at the far end of the basement, and the figure vanished.

Since many people in New England take part in Colonial and Revolutionary War re-enactments, I expected to see someone – in costume – when I rushed ahead to see who’d caused the shadow.

No one was there, and we’d have heard footsteps, running, if someone had dashed upstairs. Had it been a prank, the basement was too large for anything but the hastiest getaway.

We checked everything to see if a normal shadow could explain it. We found nothing. The basement wasn’t very cluttered, so no one could have been hiding from us, either.

Only one other person was in the house during the investigation, and we’d have heard his footsteps. Plus that, his build differed completely from the shadow. We found nothing to explain this figure. At least two of us saw it.

“Hat Man” connection?

I’ve heard speculation that shadow people are connected with the phantom “Hat Man.”

The reports have major differences. Read the Gaia description of “Hat Man.” He appears at night, and wears a long trench coat, a black three-piece suit, plus a hat with a brim. He’s between six and ten feet tall. His eyes may glow red. He whispers warnings or baffling messages to his victims, and he consistently instills fear.

In my opinion, that’s very different from a shadow person.

But, I may have photographed a “hat man.” That’s what people said when I posted my photo of a figure inside a former bank (robbed by Bonnie & Clyde) in Old Town Spring, Texas.

I didn’t like him, but he didn’t scare me.  His eyes didn’t glow. He didn’t whisper anything, either.

So, he doesn’t fit the “hat man” profile, but I did see him as a shadow. Does that make him a shadow person? Maybe. The problem is: in the photo, he’s not just a shadow.

Are shadow people dangerous?

A while ago, I turned on a ghost-related TV show. On it, I heard the star declare that shadow people are killers. She insisted they’re dangerous.

I think it’s irresponsible to tell homeowners that shadows in their homes might kill them. (In Dr. Who episodes? Sure, it’s fiction. In really life? No.)

I don’t mean to trivialize the terror someone can feel when they see a shadowy figure they can’t explain.

If your instant reaction is fear, and your instincts tell you to get away from it… run. In  paranormal research, trust your gut feelings. It’s better to have a “Dude, run!” moment and feel silly later, than put yourself in harm’s way.

If you feel as if any entity – living, dead, or something in-between – is dangerous, get away from it immediately.

But, I’ll be honest. If a shadow person has ever killed or seriously injured someone, I haven’t heard about it.

Also, from most reports I’ve heard, shadow people don’t have features. Yes, it might feel as if they’re looking at you.

But you can’t see its face. Maybe it is looking at you. Or, maybe it’s looking for a place to hide.

Anything is possible.

I’ve seen the Ghost Hunters’ episode where a shadow person seemed to peek out from behind something. The shadow was probably looking toward the investigators, but we can’t be certain of that.

Shadow people look like shadows. Other than that… it’s all guesswork for now.

Here’s another researcher’s opinions about shadow people. It’s an eight-minute video.

Are Shadow People Evil?

Are shadow people evil? Author and Ghostorian Mike Ricksecker has had a number of #ShadowPeople encounters — including a crawler, a full humanoid figure shadow person that touched him, black mists, black wisps, and more — and answers this nagging question in Mike’s Morning Mug video #99!

That YouTube video about shadow people is at:

Ghosts or something else?

Shadow people might be ghosts that manifest as shadows. Maybe they’re not able to create EMF spikes or generate EVP, and they can’t rap on tables, but they can create shadows.

That’s one guess.

1839 photograph of R. CorneliusShadow people may be something entirely different from ghosts.

They might be fearful apparitions, trying to hide from us.

Shadow people might be minions of malicious or even demonic entities.

Then again, shadow people might be aliens in a form we didn’t expect.

Or… all of the above.

I’m not trying to be flippant. My point is, we need to keep an open mind.

Paranormal Parasites by Nick RedfernSo far, they’re seen most often in haunted locations. That suggests a connection to ghosts.

But what if they’re something else?

Well, aliens are outside my field of study. However, if this concept intrigues you, Nick Redfern may be the best resource.

If you have the stomach (or curiosity) for that kind of topic, you may like his book, Paranormal Parasites. I haven’t read it yet, because Redfern’s research focus is very different to mine.

His insights may be relevant if you’ve encountered a shadow person and sensed that it was deeply, powerfully evil.

Meanwhile, the following story isn’t about ghosts, but it might indicate an alien element. (Or, it may have no connection to shadow people. It’s just something strange, not ghostly.)

Dark portal to the night sky?

One of the most mysterious shadows I’ve seen… well, it wasn’t a person at all. But, it was odd, and it was a shadow, and I’ve never found a reasonable explanation for it.

One evening in 2009, my husband and I were driving from New Hampshire to Dragon Con (Atlanta, GA), where I was a guest speaker.

The sky was dark and a little cloudy.

Driving south on I-95, we saw an odd column of darkness on the left side of the road.

It seemed to be in back of a stand of trees, and about 100 yards from the shoulder of the highway. It was like columns created by searchlights, but this column was darker than the sky, not lighter.

Shadow column from sky
This is what the shadow column looked like. It was a very rural area with no spotlights.

I thought it was fascinating, and I wondered how they’d created that effect. It was a great alternative to a spotlight.

(At the time, we didn’t realize it was an anomaly. At Dragon Con, I asked a few scientists what might have caused it, and they said nothing like that was possible.)

Since then, we’ve seen nothing like it.

With the increasing reports of shadow people, was that column a conduit for them?

That anomaly may have nothing to do with shadow people. It’s just an idle thought to consider.

But are they evil?

Meanwhile, in terms of all shadow people being evil, malicious, or demonic, I’ll need more consistent evidence.

The shadow person I photographed (my NH basement photo, above) was about 30 or 40 feet from me, and I sensed nothing at all from him. He was just there.

His form didn’t seem to suck up light, like some energy vampire. He wasn’t menacing or cowering or sending evil death-ray energy at me.

He was just a shadow. For all I know, he was an energy echo from the past, or something in a parallel reality. He may have been an extraordinary form of residual energy, or… yes, he may have been a ghost.

Just in case…

Fiona's adviceUntil we know more about shadow people, keep your distance.

That’s just a precaution.

So far, I haven’t seen or heard credible reports that suggest they’re dangerous.

Ghost Hunter's Survival GuideAre they ghosts? I’m not sure. I’m still looking for more consistent reports, to make sense of why people began seeing them – in large numbers – several years ago. 

For now, if you’re worried about a shadow person – or any paranormal entity – harming you, Michelle Belanger’s book is the most thorough protection guide I’ve read: The Ghost Hunter’s Survival Guide: Protection Techniques for Encounters with the Paranormal. She’s compiled all kinds of protections, from folk magic to religious approaches.

I won’t pretend I understand (or agree with) everything she describes in the book. But, for now, it’s one of the best-researched – and most complete – books on the topic.

Meanwhile, as I said, err on the side of caution. If you see a shadowy figure and you feel uneasy, get away from it and perhaps leave the site altogether. I don’t think shadow people are dangerous, but I’d hate anyone to put themselves at risk, if I’m wrong.

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Author: Fiona Broome

Fiona Broome is a paranormal researcher and author. She describes herself as a "blip analyst," since she explores odd "blips" in reality. But mostly, she investigates ghosts and haunted places.

55 thoughts on “Are shadow people dangerous?”

    1. Claudia, that’s a good question.

      I’m actively studying shadow people right now (late 2017).

      From what I’ve seen, we can communicate to shadow people. They seem to flee if we get too close.

      So, they’re aware of us and respond to what we do. That means, at the very least, they’re sentient or controlled by something that’s aware of us and responsive.

      Personally, I think they’re individually aware of us, and not under another entity’s control… but I’m just guessing.

      Whether we can get them to respond to us — except to bolt away from us — is an issue I’m less certain about.

      I will publish my study results when I have enough to say. Right now, I’m at the point of being sure of a few things, but baffled by others.

      Fiona Broome

      1. To Fiona and Claudia,

        I’ve been talking to shadow people ever since 2014. I have two specific ones that are good friends of mine and that’s been living with me ever since I first talked to them. I gave them official names: Blue and Care Monitor.

        I met Blue in 2014 during a bad thunderstorm, powerful enough to knock out the power. My mom was looking for flashlights for the two of us while I was sitting on the couch near by the hallway to my bedroom. I sat there for about a minute when I heard whispers coming from the hallway. I turned that direction and saw two, beaming, baby blue lights shining towards me in the hallway. I got up from my spot and stood there facing at the lights. I knew Blue was some type of ghost afraid to step into my view. I told him, “You can come out of the dark. I’m not going to hurt you.”

        Like a lost dog, Blue came out of the hallway and revealed his true shadowy self to me. His eyes looked worrisome, afraid to go near me. I opened my arms wide and told him, “I’m not dangerous. It’s okay. You can come by me.”

        I comforted him as he got closer to me. His gleaming eyes slowly turned from cautious to friendly. I told him, “You need a hug?” His eyes looked caring at me, and he went on his knees for a hug. After the hug, I could hear his millions of whispers telling me, “Thank you… for treating me like human…”

        Blue waved goodbye as he went back into the hallway to my bedroom and disappeared into the dark abyss. My mom came back in time, wondering if I was okay. I told her I was perfectly fine.

        I met the Care Monitor at school during a shooting drill everyone had to do as class effort. When the drill began, my math teacher turned off the lights and told us to turn our desks to the front door, have the desks fall forward, and hide behind it. And so we did.

        The teacher told us to stay perfectly quiet, which is what I did but the rest of the students didn’t. All the students were on their phones or computers, talking away to friends, texting their moms and dads what was going on, and screaming at the top of their lungs, “We’re all gonna die!”

        I was extremely annoyed at all my classmates since they weren’t taking it seriously. I turned around to the back board, which was right in front of me, so I didn’t face them. On the left side of the board was a door that lead into an empty classroom that used to be a choir room. In the room was a lit up lamp, which was right next to the Care Monitor.

        I squinched my eyes to see if I was seeing things wrong or if I was staring directly at a shadow person. Then I saw the Care Monitor move into a surprised stance. He ran to me until he ran through the back to, then started crawling to me so no one could see him. I heard whispers fill the air, telling me, “Are you okay? Are you hurt?”

        I told him I was okay. The Care Monitor hugged me, and I hugged him back. After it, he told me in whispers to look at the door. I faced my body towards the door and I noticed everything faded to pitch black. I realized he was covering my eyes, pretending it’s not a drill and so I wasn’t looking at any “blood, guts, gore, and more” if the “shooter” enters into the classroom. I was sensitive to any medical and murderous scenarios, anyway.

        After about a minute, the lights turned on and I was able to see again. Everyone’s eyes burned from the lights turning on without warning, except for me. That’s how I knew my eyes were actually being shielded. The drill was over and everything went back to normal with class continuing. I looked through the back door, just in case the Care Monitor was returned to the choir classroom… The lamp… was off…

        About a week ago, I accidentally got hurt while doing some acting for a play in my room. I looked through my doorway, and entering my room was the Care Monitor. How did I know it was him? As he entered in, he did the same surprised stance as he did in the choir classroom by the lamp. He went on his knees to see what was wrong, and it appeared to be a carpet rash on my knee.

        I told him to not worry and that I knew what to do, but he still tried looking for something to heal me. He looked at my lotion on my dresser and tried picking it up, but he couldn’t since he was made out of shadows. I told him I could get it, which I did. While I was rubbing the lotion on the rash, he watched me the whole time, standing by my lamp (hint hint), until I was done and the lotion was completely rubbed in. The Care Monitor waved me goodbye, and as the lights flickered he vanished from sight.

        I still see Blue and the Care Monitor here and there, walking through the halls or talking to each other by my piano. Some nights, I see one of them or both waiting for me to fall asleep completely. They must know I’m a light sleeper.

        I still talk to them when I want to or when they want to. I tell them how my day went, and they’ll always listen to every story I share to them. I never had any bad experiences with them or any other paranormal activity I run into. As long as I treat the afterlife like my friends or family, they’ll always respond back to me with a thank you and never betray me unlike how others treat or rumor about them.

        Kill them with kindness. That’s what I’ve been doing. Why not everyone do the same?

        1. WOW I actually got a bit scared when I saw one just 20 min ago. It had kind of glow eyes. And I am just looking for info. Cause I am must definitely not crazy and I know what I saw. Thanks for sharing your story. I am sleeping with my lights on.

      2. my nine year old has told me since the start of the summer he keep seeing a shadow figure that is the same size as his little sister. well tonight i saw the large head short shadow figure dart into my bedroom closet from the hall I jumped up and flash my flashlight cause i thought it was my son playing my daughter was laying next to me sleep. my son was downstairs laying on the couch. I got an alien vibe from the shadow figure and it is female you just know.

      3. Hi, Fiona,

        You should check out this video of someone, who interacted with what he thought was a ghost of a little girl, but turned out to be a shadow figure. He then ran away after seeing the shadow figure on the bed. You could also hear the voice of the shadow as he was asking *it* if she was the girl he saw in his dream while he was in a comma in a hospital:

      4. I have a lot of pictures with a shadow scary looking right over me and around me in pictures.what do I do.I can send the picture of it clear as day from just a few minutes ago

      5. I have been attacked by black shadow people more than once and at different places. I think they can be harmful

      6. I was really sick a few years back, to point of almost dieing. It was at that time saw my shadow man for the first time. I thought it was a hallucination. I got well, but my shadow man never left me. I have moved to two different states and he has followed. I talk to him but never receive an answer. Every once in awhile he will stroke my neck. I don’t believe he is evil. And I am not sure why he follows me.

    2. I being seeing shadow all my life. I see black shadow and white shadow sometimes they come in full body. But each that one show up . Some one just die or some one is about to die. I just don’t know who it is. But they get me prepared. When I tell my family member I see death coming they get scared. My became a gift. Some time I see red and I know trouble is coming somewhere. When I used to work at night if I see red before I leave work . I learn to go A different way. Some time I see blue and it all way some one or something unexpected coming. What people need to do is pay attention what happen after it show up. Death can come with I. Day or with in a month. I noticed when death coming with in a month the shadow will keep show up. And I learn the different of the person that dying . If that person got god I see a white shadow . If they unsaved a black shadow come. I had my gift for 28 years

    3. Maybe. People do seem to see them as did one of my friends when he has sleep paralysis. And one did warn him about something stupid I was gonna do and thank God I was helped. Also my father had seen them when he was younger. Very vividly. I had a small experience with one when I was younger and I freaked out. From what I’ve seen paranormal stuff like that tends to be passed on from parents. Some worse than others. Not sure what they are. But I wouldn’t wanna communicate. They really are weird and I would advise prayer. Sleep paralysis is terrifying and seeing one when your not asleep is a million times worse. My teddy bear dog. Hes a lapdog and extremely quiet. So for him to start growling at my wall and then wail and bark. I look beside me and my shadow which was sitting. Puts his two hands on the handle of my chair and stands up. Can’t tell you how quickly I ran downstairs. As instinct dictates. They probably arent friendly. I’d advise prayer

    4. could shadow people possibly be normal people in a different earth in another universe accidentally somewhat showing up to us? Could the reason we cant communicate with them is because they see us as shadow people and they are afraid?

      1. GS, I think that’s a great question, and something worth considering. I don’t have any reliable answers to those questions, but I’ve often suspected that some ghosts – not just shadow people – are alive & well in their own reality/time/universe, and – for some reason we don’t know – they appear here. And we may appear there, as well.

    5. One night I woke up and turn over. Right at that moment I saw large shadow which to me seemed like a man wearing a hat. Like a fadora hat. He had no face it was just dark. He came to the side of my bed and began to lean over like face to face with me. I swattend him away with both hands as you would if a fly or bug was in your face. He then disappeared. I wasn’t frighten at all and fell back asleep. The next day I remembered and was confused about it. My father died 2 days later from a heart attack. Now this was my father’s second heart attack in 10 years. I don’t know what it wanted.

    6. Hi there! I have seen shadow people at home in Mexico city where I live and I have spoken with some of them but in my brain not with words. Some of them are around me when I am in bed sleeping at night! I must say I have seen they also have some bright lights around their shadows.

  1. Last night my dog woke @ 1:50am & left the bed barking. My husband works nights so I got up to investigate. Nothing.
    Between 1:50am & 5:00am I woke 3 times with the feeling someone/thing was standing in the bedroom doorway. What was very strange is that I know it was 3 different someone’s. When I woke each time I had the feeling of just seeing a paper with their name & info on. But I can’t remember any of it.
    I am a witch & I’m familiar with energy & entities. These visits actually scared me which is unusual.
    Our family always has sentinels & shadow figures in & around the house. My husband & boys have seen them inside & outside the home for years. We’ve also had small “creatures” darting around the house. None have ever caused any harm. Every house has had someone who stands guard in our hallway, outside the bedrooms. This was different & the 1st time I was ever scared.
    Whats your opinion?
    Thank you.

    1. Hello Sarah,

      That does sound scary. In your situation, I’d put a bowl of salt in your bedroom, and every room you want to protect. Many readers report good results from that.

      But, at the very least, it should buy you some time to gather more information about the figures. Maybe the paper & names will become more visible/memorable in the near future.

      I’m wondering if your house site has a history that might explain why this is happening now… an anniversary of a past, local event, or something. I’d also look at natural and man-made changes within, say, 1/4 mile of your home. An increase in water, like underground streams, or a new road, bridge, or highway.

      I mean, the question is: why is this happening now? Why not before?

      Historically, salt is good protection from this sort of thing, but it probably won’t hurt to use some additional protections — whatever fits your spirituality/practices — as well.

      Let me know what happens. I’m very interested in this, and where it’s happening. Your IP suggests Lebanon. Is that right? Is there any chance energy could have been churned up by the 7.2 earthquake near Iran & Iraq? I know it’s a considerable distance, and I’m not seeing any significant measurements in Lebanon reports, but… well, people reported tremors in Jordan.

      If that’s the cause, this may have been a one-time incident.


      1. Hi what if salt don’t work im part witch and know some spells should I do them there protection spells

        1. Sarah, whether or not the salt works, protection is a good idea in any spiritual context; it doesn’t have to be witchcraft.

  2. I have recently encountered a shadow person just hours ago. There seems to be a strange phenomenon with angel numbers and these shadow beings, at least from experience. Hope I don’t offend anyone. I see orbs, flashes of colored lights on a regular basis and have even once seen , a cold, robotic, angelic-huminoid apparition. I began to question my sanity with these clock numbers, orbs, and De ja vu . Now my partner starting experiencing the same things. Since I started learning about these “angel numbers”, it only got worse and there is nothing angelic about these numbers as my feelings and internal knowing says otherwise. I would feel a vibrating and buzzing sensation when an angel number on the clock would occur, that is when nudging, sometimes physical sensations provokes me to look at the clock. The number that i saw when the apparition appeared was 3:22 am. During that time i was catching up on some work and i began to have negative memories from the past that began to flood my mind, for no reason. It was in that moment I have seen the apparition from the corner of my eyes. My adrenaline kicked in and i was willing to fight the apparition that was still in my sight standing 10 feet away. When i turned to call out to it in rage, he was observing me and almost inducing these feelings in me. It was as if he was trying to wait for an opportunistic moment, as I can recall the feeling of heaviness, which and also felt like a vacuum, followed by ringing of the ears . After i yelled at the 6′ 2” tall, skinny-shadow person , no hat, he took off running as i rebuked him in Jesus name. Calling out in Jesus name seems to help quite a bit, but don’t understand why they continue to return every month. There are times i have sleep paralysis , followed by an unwanted, spontaneous out-of-body experiences and when im really tired. The previous night, my significant other complained about having nightmares of being watched and couldn’t see who was pulling the covers off. When i walked in, I could hear my partner crying in agony in sleep, however no covers were pulled. When i looked at the clock it said 4:44 am . I must also note that i seen the apparition of a shadow cat in my house prior to the shadow people. Relieved to know I’m not alone, but very sorry you are all also experiencing this. I have tried salt water,cleansing with sage, palo santo , bells, prayers, etc…. although shadow beings leave for a while they still return, can’t let my guard down for one second until others take his place. Even have done internal reflection via forgiveness, removing energetic ties to people of the past, lots healing of my own shadows. Lastly, I also wanted to mention that my twin bother and I have seen the hat man, shadow person with a hat and red eyes who intentionally tried to scare us. Is there any connection between dark beings masquerading as angels? Are shadow people connected to the hat man? Thanks in advance.

    1. Albie, the number of things you’re reporting – as well as their frequent returns – concern me. I’m glad that calling out Jesus’ name seems to help, as that suggests the entities aren’t demonic. However, I urge you to speak, in person, with someone who works in a mainstream, spiritual field, as soon as you can. It doesn’t matter if you go to that church or even believe in what they teach. The fact is, anything shadowy with red eyes* is not a typical ghost. It’s something else, and – technically speaking – it’s a spirit, therefore I think you should start with someone well-versed in spiritual matters.

      The interrupted sleep is also a concern. For that, as well as the sleep paralysis and the out-of-body experiences, you may want to talk with a doctor. That’s not about the cause of it, but about making sure you’re getting sufficient deep sleep. You’re more vulnerable when you’re tired, and if your sleep is being interrupted, that can be a Catch-22 issue: The interrupted sleep makes you more vulnerable to what’s interrupting your sleep.

      It’s important to address both sides of this issue, immediately. Advice (and “experts”) online can’t help you nearly as well (or as quickly) as someone you talk with in real life.


      *When I talk about shadowy figures with red eyes, I’m usually describing urban legends, and they’re generally related to haunted cemeteries. I’m never sure if those figures are real, or if the stories come from people who were influenced by stories they’d heard earlier. Either way, those are usually one-off encounters.

      When something like that shows up in real life, in your home or personal space, it’s a very different matter. Take this very seriously and talk with a minister or priest about the spiritual possibilities (and solutions).

      1. Regarding shadow people and Hat Man, I’m not sure. I think they’re related but – at this point – I haven’t seen Hat Man often enough to speak with authority on this topic.

        Basically, we’re trying to use labels to categorize paranormal phenomena, and it’s all guesswork at this point. We can look for patterns and connections in these things, but it’s important to keep an open mind.

  3. I think I saw a shadow person out of the corner of my eye while I was watching anime 1-2 hours ago. It looked like it was just coming around the corner. My head snapped towards it immediately to look at it and as soon as I did, it was just gone without a trace, and it was completely silent, unlike other people report on here, saying they heard wispers coming from it. So, not thinking anything of it and assuming it was my imagination, I just return to my anime. I havent seen the thing since. It was likely my imagination, but I’m posting this just on the off chance it wasn’t.

  4. So when I was 7 I had this nightmare, in the last part before I woke up there was nothing like it was all black and then I turned around and saw a grim reaper. My nightmare later predicted my late uncles death in 2016 and I just found out in 2018. So that got me thinking what if the shadow people are the people who died and are stuck on the other side and are trying to communicate with us, for example like they’re trying to get help or just wants to kill you. The shadow person I see is a man and sometimes I think it’s my late uncle but I know it’s not possible, I’m only 13.

    1. Autumn, that’s an interesting theory. Many people – who, as adults, get involved in ghost hunting – have stories similar to yours. That is, they’re sure they’ve encountered the spirit of a recently deceased relative. It can be very reassuring to find evidence supporting what they thought they experienced.

      But, if the grim reaper you saw is still appearing, or if anything you see makes you feel afraid, please speak with an adult about this, immediately. (And, if they don’t take you seriously, talking with another adult – in real life, NOT online – about this. A minister is usually a good resource, but a sympathetic teacher can be helpful, too.)

  5. I had an experience tonight
    Which is how I found this page
    Recently some wired stuff has been happening in my house.

    It eventually lead to a scary voice saying help me to my naked ear…. For a while I had been scared since..

    Then tonight… While doing some menial tasks.. I saw him.. in passing … I was going right he was going left towards the stairs maybe 10 feet ish away from me…

    He was tall .. had sharp facial features.. like a perfect sideways cutout of a silhouette..

    I could tell he had a hat on … And he walked with a stride only slightly faster then mine..

    Here’s the kicker… He was walking in a hall way with all the lights above him and behind him on….

    I was walking through the dining room to a well light kitchen… The only light off was the dining room which I was in…
    But he was walking in the light..

    This on-top of some really scary things has me on edge..

    Was he trying to scare me?
    Or tell me he was there to protect me?

    I’m very frightened at this point but I’m hoping this info helps with your research which I now plan to follow up on

    1. Rachel, if you keep seeing him, keep a diary. Note every time you see him, and all the details… day, time, cycle of the moon, how you felt before/during/after, and so on. You’re looking for patterns in when he appears.

      There’s no way I can tell you if he’s there to scare you or protect you. Also, the “help me” could be something completely different, but coincidental during his appearance. The “help me” could be residual energy from one time; he could be an active spirit, or a residual energy image from a different time.

      There are lots of variables. It’s important to keep notes, to see what each event has in common.

      I hope that helps!

      Sincerely, Fiona

  6. Hi Fiona and All,

    So just a little background – I was born into the “Santeria” religion and although I do not practice it as an adult I’ve always been around the presence of shadow people, spirits and other entities I cannot fully explain. About 3-4 days ago I summoned Clauneck (Demon of Wealth) and after sometime of meditation by candle light I noticed a shadow to the left of me. At first I thought it was the reflection of my towel as I was in the bathroom, but I tried to recreate the shadow using and I couldn’t. I remembered the shadows outline perfectly and even drew it. It did not speak to me and I did not want to frighten it, so I dared not to take a photo of it. I didnt feel a negative energy coming from it, but I did feel a little uneasy because of the shape of the shadow. It wasn’t as human-like as others described seeing, it looked like a person or thing sitting down. The shape was something similar to how headstones are portrayed in cartoons. I tried recreating the shape many times using the same conditions and nothing. Just wanted to see if anyone else has seen / encountered this type of shadow figure.

  7. My son, who is 10 now, has been seeing shadow people for quite sometime. At first they scared him, but now he says he just ignores them. He says that they go as fast as he sees them. I told him he should talk to them but he says they’re super fast. Any advice?

    1. Megan, I wouldn’t encourage him to interact with them. That could open another door of access to him, and – if the entities are angry or malicious – put him at risk.

      In addition, his first reaction was to be frightened of them. I’m a firm believer in respecting your initial impression – your “gut feelings” – about paranormal entities.

      I don’t want to alarm you. I just avoid communicating with spirits that are outside the mainstream of ghosts we usually deal with. And, I especially discourage children from communicating with them, unless an adult is present and that adult is experienced in paranormal research that includes darker entities.

  8. Ok so I have seen a shadow person in my house many times and a couple nights ago I was laying in bed and all the sudden next to my bedroom door a shadow person apeared it was a full body just standing there and it got closer to me untill iy was right beside me. But the weird thing is I had no fear of it. I was just there I guess. I was unable to move during this I think but I didnt really try either because I felt like I shouldn’t. After it got super close to me I ended up blacking out and just woke up in the morning trying to make sense of wtf just happened.

    1. Quinn, I think you’re being very level-headed about this. I’m assuming you’ve ruled out “night terrors” as a possible cause, since they also include a sense of paralysis. But, either way, if you felt like you shouldn’t move, it was smart to follow your gut feeling. We don’t fully understand shadow people yet. They’re so fleeting, and so unpredictable, it’s difficult to study them.

  9. A couple of weeks ago -when i was kind of sick- i kept waking up in the middle of the the night multiple times. I didn’t think much about it, but then i started to try and understand why i woke up. So the same happened, i woke up at something like 3:24 or 3:34, i cant quite remember and felt the presence of something. I sort of heard whispers, but then instantly fell asleep again. It happened multiple times that week.

    Yesterday was a normal day, i tried to sleep but kept feeling something behind me. And when i turned around, there wasn’t anything. So i tried not to look, and felt something coming closer to me. I could clearly hear footsteps. But when i turn around, nothing. Any advice on how to deal with it? Sorry for my bad english, i am german

    1. Aron, your English is fine, and I’m sorry that you’re being woken by something so troubling.

      If I were you, I’d start by putting a bowl of salt underneath your bed. (Half a cup is enough.) That’s the simplest “cure” for what you’re experiencing. If the whispers continue, the next thing I’d do is vacuum everything: the floor, the corners of the room (especially up near the ceiling). I’d also put a second small bowl of salt next to the bed.

      The footsteps are odd. It could be simple residual energy. If it continues and it’s troubling, there are two things you could try: One is to put a bit of salt in your pocket. I have no idea why salt repels spirits, but it seems to. The other thing I’d try – because I’m interested in this kind of thing – is putting my phone (or any recording device) in “record” mode, to see if you hear anything in the recording. That would include the sound of the footsteps, and possibly anything said by whatever-it-is.

      If you hear the footsteps (in real life) but they’re not in the recording, that increases the likelihood that what you’re hearing is internal to you – that is, psychic. And that increases the likelihood that it’s residual energy.

      I hope that helps.

  10. Okay so I work at a home for the elderly, and have never felt unsafe or as if I wasn’t alone. I’m very sensitive to that feeling and trust my gut; however, I have been seeing figures in the daylight, where the sun can shine on them and everything. I know it’s the same one. It’s gotten more cisable over time. It used to just be a shadow but I had arms now and I see it much more often. I usually ignore it but after I saw it had arms and had appeared three times during my shift, I’m getting worried. I’m scared it will follow me cause it seems to be showing an interest, since it comes back so often. It’s always in the corner of my eye but once I walked by and didn’t realize it was there until I ran back. I almost looked at it head on, and it stayed until it couldn’t see ME anymore.

    So I’m a bit concerned. Not once have I felt freaked out and yet I am scared I’ll get in my car and be too scared to look behind me cause it’ll be there. I honeslty think it might. I’ve gotten chills getting in my car and so I double check, then nothing and I’m calm again.

    Any advice?

    1. Lavon, is it possible that it’s someone from your past, rather than anything sinister?

      Generally, ghosts – entities that won’t “cross over” – don’t change locations. That is, they stay at one site. So, I’m not sure you need to worry about the shadow person following you.

      But, we don’t really know what shadow people are, so I’m not sure I can make generalities about them. I’m not certain they’re in the same category as ghosts.

      Spirits of friends and family members – people who have moved on, but check in to see how you’re doing, now & then – are another explanation. It might even be someone who once lived in the home where you work.

      What interests me most are the arms. That’s unusual unless a torso is already visible. Physiological studies show that the torso stores the most energy, so – if my guess is right – that’s what’s usually most visible when someone sees an apparition. Arms, but no torso…? I don’t think I’ve ever heard of this, before. It’s definitely odd.

      As I’ve recommended to others, you may want to carry a bit of salt in a pocket. Salt seems to repel many entities, as well as negative residual energy; it’s why they used to “sow the ground with salt.” (I’ve used salt a few times when some entity seemed really annoyed with me, and a bit obsessive.) In your situation, I’d recommend about 1/4 cup in a ziplock plastic bag or something. Just put it in a pocket and forget about it. That may be enough to make whatever-it-is leave you alone.

      If this continues, I recommend talking with a mainstream spiritual counsellor – a minister or priest – for advice. Something like this is best dealt with locally, and by someone experienced in local spiritual matters. (If any ministers make regular calls to the home where you work, he or she might be a very good person to talk with.)

  11. On shadow people being dangerous im skeptical as well because ive had an experience with one where i saw her out the corner of my eye rush into the closet (I didn’t think much of because I usually saw that as a little kid) then i saw her in a dream (she seemed pretty friendly) and then a few night after the dream i saw her again sitting on the edge of my bed (i was still able to move so it wasn’t sleep paralysis i had to roll over to see her) and she reached out for me but before she can touch me she vanished. Since then i haven’t had any more experiences with her but i still get an odd vibe sometimes when im home alone.

    What are your thoughts on this experience?

    1. Jacob, we don’t know what shadow people are. Until we have a better idea of what they align with – benevolent spirits or malicious ones – if that even fits with what they are, I’m cautious to say much more about them.

  12. Hi I’ve have seen a dark shadowy mass in my living room. It appeared on the floor, just a mass and there long enough for me to think hmmm seem it and I’m not paying attention. Also more at night movement but shadowy. No I’ll feeling but a lil on edge at the fact I see this every now and then. Haven’t had the hat man red eyes or bad feeling, thank you God! I do feel protected. But all the same slightly unnerving.
    I’ve had one very creepy experience in a house I used to live, I was very young living alone with my 3 yr old son and I wasn’t in a good place emotionaly. I saw a black shadow of a man combined with a bad feeling sure I heard a laugh. That was difference very nasty unlike the shadowy mass or the movement I see now

    1. Aysha, as long as you aren’t feeling uneasy about the shadowy mass you’ve seen recently, I doubt that you’re in any danger. Despite that, it may be wise to speak with a minister about this. Find someone local, and be sure you’re comfortable with him or her. Explain everything to the minister, and see what he or she recommends. This isn’t something anyone can evaluate, online, and – from my experience – local ministers, priests, etc. are usually the best people to answer your questions.

  13. It was around somewhere 8 or 9 pm that I saw this black shadow it looks really tall as tall as the door frame or somewhere around there and I saw the shadow slowly pass by my door I got really scared I felt a really anxious and paranoid feeling when I saw it and then I told my friends that I was scared and then I heard a voice/whisper say “Don’t be scared” and that really did scare me and I’m not sure what that is or if the person is safe?

    1. Ethan, it sounds like you encountered two entities. One was the shadow person. The other was a spirit protecting you, and let you know you shouldn’t be scared.

      However, some spirits can cleverly deceive people. So, I’m not sure I’d trust any entity I couldn’t see and feel comfortable with… but I wouldn’t worry about this, either.

      My best advice is to wait & see if anything else happens, that sheds light (no pun intended) on what’s going on.

  14. Okay so this might sound weird but me as a 17 year old I saw a shadow person or shadow demon. It was the middle of the night and I suddenly wake up to the sound of footsteps in my own house. When realizing that it was probably my mother or father walking down the hall to go downstairs but No it wasn’t at all all I see in the middle of my doorway was( guessing) a 6’1″ shadow person/ demon. I quickly grab a nerf gun but the minute I turn, it was gone?

    1. That was a brilliant reaction. I wish the figure had remained there long enough for you to see if the Nerf gun made an impact, went right through the figure, or what.

  15. Be not afraid of the shadow people, they are harmless. They have been
    coming to me most nights since September 2018. When I first noticed them I was scared, I thought they were robbers but I soon realised they meant me no harm. Now they come and sit on my bed. The amazing thing is the shadows are featureless yet you can tell male from female. Am I dreaming,
    probably, but they seem real to me.

  16. I had many strange things going on in my home, in 2016 in the middle of the night I woke up sleeping on the couch heard a bunch of people talking, then how more I became conscious there whispered then all stopped, so I thought ok leave me alone and went straight back to sleep only then face came into my face so fast I thought what on earth and jumped up, shouted go away leave me alone and it was quiet but my cupboard door went open but I was too tired to get up to close it I prayed and fall to sleep next morning, of course, try to figure out what all about and thought being stressed out my mind plays games with me, so next night nothing other that I left my TV on for my comfort only than half awake I saw strange speaking program some sort of crawl noises ok I thought I check in the morning to see what it was maybe wild dogs of some sort but nope I could find nothing with program which could be shown of what I saw ,

    very strange so I prayed and invited a priest to do a blessing he kept looking at the corner where I always saw a shadow or hear movement but he did not say anything I thought is strange tell me what is it, he blessed the home but it made matters worse
    cupboard open themselves and a shadowy figure walked by starred at me and disappeared while on the computer this was always before I had to go to court, I had many hearings, then it stops, well the odd bulbs blown, but I am used to all by now that electrical things break bulbs and…etc.

    last week the strongest ever I have a heavy wooden clock on my window shelf this clock has two metal handles on top, well this clock has not to be moved over 5 years only cleaned as it is heavy
    anyhow again I worked on the computer downstairs about 1 am
    as then I heard a big bang, the clock has fallen off and the handles are broken off in two pieces but so fine cut as if a knife was used all my crystals are scattered all over my bedroom my cat was with me at all time as if she looks after me she kept staring at something nevermind I thought ok good trick put it back,
    since from the corner of my eye the black shadow think is back even in the day, last night I woke up and it stood next to my bed it never came that closed but it did so I just turned round disinterested and fall back to sleep ,

    only this morning I am a little shaking that thing is coming to close to my comfort what shall I do I already sprinkled salt around the home and bedroom and pray but this whatever is there,
    all this started back in 2016 when a woman called me asking me to teach her witchcraft which I do not do, but she knew that I am highly spiritual, she asked how I was, my child and my dog than the phone went down and this floating crimreeper shadow flown to me, child the dog and in an exact way we went literacy as two days later I was mistaken ,my child taken away and my dog since I am fighting to have my family back but those weird interference are there as said when a court hearing was that shadow walked by look at me then disappears then it stops for a while, only now I have no hearings, and it seems to appear again started with blown my security light

    what is I AM AGAINST WHAT CAN I DO OTHER than have my salt bath salt in the home go to church, pray regular and asking for protection, please help

    1. Ella, I’m so sorry to read that you’re dealing with this.

      Some of this sounds like classic poltergeist activity. Other things could be more dangerous, but start by treating this as poltergeist activity.

      First, do your best to forget about the woman who asked you to teach her witchcraft. She didn’t cause what’s going on. What you’re describing is very different from a curse or anything like that. Her call and these problems starting… they’re probably a coincidence.

      Next, go to your church and have a heart-to-heart talk with your priest or minister. Make it clear that blessing your home made things worse. That’s important.

      For stronger protection, see if your public library has a copy of Michelle Belanger’s book, The Ghost Hunter’s Survival Guide. Michelle is a trusted, personal friend, and her book will give you lots of powerful ways to deal with spiritual threats. Read her book. Choose one of her protection techniques that fits your spirituality. (Michelle covers a variety of spiritual approaches. Some will fit your beliefs. Others won’t. Never do anything that feels even a little “wrong” to you, as – depending on where the problem is coming from – that could make things worse.)

      Mostly, it’s important for you to remain calm, and talk with a counselor – like a minister – about your life in general. I believe that poltergeists are more likely to torment people whose lives are in turmoil. A minister can refer you to people who can help, whether it’s with work or your personal life. It’s important to stabilize your life as much as you can.

      If you’ve read other comments at this site, you’ve seen how damaging it can be, if a child has to live with the kind of unpredictable and menacing activity you’re describing. Home should be a safe place for children, and – until this is resolved – it’s safer for your child to be away from whatever is going on. (As a parent, I’m so very sorry to read that this is happening, at this time in your life. I’m sure this is difficult for you.)

      Set up a regular schedule to meet with those who can help you, so your connection to emotional, mental, and spiritual support is steady. Don’t let anything get in the way of that. If everything remains calm and even in your life, then whatever is causing this… it should go away, gradually. (Frankly, poltergeists love turmoil. And sometimes, you need a team of supporters to help you keep everything as calm as possible, from day to day.)

      But, your priest or minister is the best person to evaluate what’s going on, and refer you to others who can help, if he (or she) thinks that’s the best thing to do. (You two may need to rule out a few things, first, before a plan can be set in place. Have patience.)

      The Internet is not the place to find the answers you seek. What you’re describing is far outside my expertise, but I’m confident that your priest or minister can refer you to someone (or several helpers) with the skills and experience you need to resolve this.

      I hope things work out for you, soon.

  17. I came home from work mid afternoon and was the first person home. I opened the back door to let the dogs in. They excitedly ran half way up the back steps then stopped and turned around looking at something. I attempted to follow what their eyes were tracking as the both let out the weirdest growl I have ever heard them make. At first I could t see what they were looking at but then I saw this shadowy distortion vaguely humanoid in shape. At that point it stopped moving across the yard and began rushing towards me. It filled me with fear and dread. I was acutely aware this thing was pure evil.
    I then became aware of something in the house behind me. Before I could react that something passed through my body, down the stairs and chased the shadow being away.
    Having the entity pass through me drained every ounce of energy from me and feeling was like I had been covered head to toe in cold honey, my muscles were frozen with feeling gradually returning after almost a minute.
    I never want to experience a shadow being again.

    1. Stuart, that sounds like a very unsettling experience. Not just the shadow being, but whatever passed through you… which may have been something else altogether. At this point, it’s not clear which – if either entity – was the “good guy” in that confrontation. I think you were the innocent bystander caught in the middle.

      I’d say that most benign entities don’t do anything that might harm a living/human person, but maybe whatever passed through you didn’t have time to be polite about it.

      This certainly adds to the mystery of what shadow people are, and the realm they’re in… assuming their world overlapped ours, briefly, and they didn’t deliberately enter our plane of existence.

      Thanks for posting that comment. It’s definitely something to think about.

      Sincerely, Fiona

  18. I have always seen shadow people sense I was young. I saw one run to a tree across the street when I came home from dance, I see shadow people need the closest near the door where the lights are always off, I here wispers, footsteps and sounds around my house and so on but one day one chased me up the stairs of my house from the basement. He reached his arm out like he was trying to touch my back. When I got up the stairs I closed the door locked it and screamed but no one was home to help me calm down. When my parents came home they told me it was nothing and I am imagining things. Ever sense then I have really been scared of shadow people and I was wondering if that one was evil and why he was chasing me. If anyone can help it would be a great relief

    1. Emma, think about it this way: If you’ve been around shadow people (or at least noticed them) for that many years, and none of them have cause you harm… you probably have nothing to worry about. You’re just more aware of them than most people are. Perhaps that one realized you could see him (or her) and just wanted to communicate. (I’m not sure speech is possible, with shadow people… not a conversation, anyway.)

      I have yet to find any convincing evidence that shadow people are actually dangerous. Especially since you have a history of being around them, I don’t think you should worry about the one who was so eager to get your attention.

  19. I have yet to find any convincing evidence that shadow people are actually dangerous. Especially since you have a history of being around them

  20. My husband used to be haunted by a shadow man with big red eyes when he was young. It followed him to every house – no matter how far, etc… Apparently it got so bad he set a trap up to alert him to its presence so he could try and shoot it with a nerf gun or something (by the time he was ready to shoot it it disappeared. Would open his door too. He locked it and the knob would jiggle and unlock, sleep paralysis, sleep walking (he says the thing carried him out to different places)We have a 4.5 y/o son now and dad has always expressed concern about this thing messing with any kid(s) that we would/will have…. I was raised Catholic and therefor baptized as an infant, so I always felt that that had something to do it as he was not and we have not Baptized our son yet..

    We have NEVER talked about this thing or that it happened to Dad – NOTHING. He goes through spurts where he comes in EVERY.SINGLE.NIGHT then nothing for months. There is no specific time frame or anything out of the ordinary – no pattern what so ever. He likes to leave his door open and there is a bathroom night light we leave on for him. I randomly wake up in the middle of the night (most times because our son ends up in there and drive me out between toss/turning and snoring) anytime between 1-4 am and always go check on my son, or go back to sleep in his bed. There are times where this presence is so intense it literally scares me back to my room because saying prayers out loud and telling “it” to leave in the name of Jesus just doesn’t do it. Other times – no problems/feelings at all. So if my son hasn’t be sleeping in his bed, or is I know that it’s coming.

    My son has described things/evenings that had started to lead me to believe this was happening to him… I hate jumping on to mass hysteria, so I just tried to downplay it, brush it off, etc but I knew it to be true because I FELT it… well last Friday we tried to put him down for bed and he asked me to SHUT the door. Automatic red flag because its a behavior change for him, so I was instantly on high alert, but tried to down play it and ask if there was specific reason… He was torn as to if he wanted the door open/shut and then he blurts out: I just dont want to see the man with the big red eyes again! The last time The shadow man was in the hallway and ran out the front door! 🙁 🙁 🙁 I seriously died inside.

    We found a church (we moved and had not found 1 yet), so we are going back into that and towards Baptism ASAP… We were going to wait until Aug (son’s bday) to get a new dog, but have moved that up to this/next week (LOL) and sage smudges will also be happening this week…

    Also, my coffee pot that was made for this morning decided to brew itself at 3:30 am… I saw you mentioned a bowl of salt.. any other suggestions? 🙁

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