At this site, you’ll find over 100 ghost-related questions answered by the founder of HollowHill.com, Fiona Broome.

If you’re frightened and worried about your safety, leave the haunted location right now. Find a safe place to stay for a day or two, perhaps with a friend or relative.

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For now, this site has some of the most-asked questions from Fiona Broome’s book, 101 Ghost Hunting Questions, Answered.

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How do cameras photograph ghosts?

Cameras can capture ghostly images.  Hardly anyone sees an apparition and has a photo that shows it. That’s true, even…

What’s the best kind of equipment for a beginning ghost hunter to buy?

The best ghost hunting equipment includes tools you can afford and learn to use, easily. Learn from my mistakes. Until…

Can an Atheist believe in ghosts?

Most Atheists do not believe in God. However, that does not prevent an Atheist from believing in an afterlife. Many…

What are the most important ghost hunting tools?

The most important ghost hunting tools are your five senses, and possibly your sixth sense, if you believe in it.…

Does the Bible mention ghost hunting?

There are several references to ghosts and spirits throughout the Bible. Many are in the New Testament. They include references…

Why don’t people go ghost hunting in Jewish cemeteries?

Some people are ghost hunting in Jewish cemeteries and don’t realize it. Many community cemeteries include a section for the…

What’s your theory about ghosts and alternate dimensions?

I believe that some “ghosts” are people who are alive and well in a parallel world. I mentioned that in…

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