At this site, you’ll find over 100 ghost-related questions answered by the founder of HollowHill.com, Fiona Broome.

If you’re frightened and worried about your safety, leave the haunted location right now. Find a safe place to stay for a day or two, perhaps with a friend or relative.

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For now, this site has some of the most-asked questions from Fiona Broome’s book, 101 Ghost Hunting Questions, Answered.

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How do people use dowsing rods in ghost hunting?

In the right hands, dowsing rods can be useful ghost hunting tools. First, you’ll use them to detect normal phenomena…

How do ghosts turn flashlights on and off?

Ghosts and flashlights... they're an interesting mix. Can ghosts really communicate by turning your flashlight on & off? Here's my…

How much should I budget for ghost hunting gear?

As a beginner, avoid investing in specialized ghost hunting equipment. First, make sure this will be a long-term interest, hobby,…

Do ghost hunting apps work?

I’ve tried several different kinds of ghost hunting apps. Many of them rely on EMF anomalies to produce flashing lights…

How does white noise help ghost EVP?

White noise is controversial. White noise might provide spirits with sounds ("noise energy"). In theory, ghosts can manipulate white noise…

What does EMF have to do with ghosts?

What do electromagnetic fields (EMF) have to do with ghosts? Unusual levels of EMF can occur at haunted sites.  That's…

What’s the best kind of EMF detector?

Most EMF detectors are designed to help people measure unhealthy levels of EMF energy. You’d use one to check electrical…

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