What do ghosts look like in real ghost photos?

This article is from 2021 and may be outdated. We're working on restoring a newer version.

First, in my opinion, we’re not sure what ghost photos really are.

They’re anomalies. They’re baffling.

But, the images may not represent actual spirits or ghostly energy.

We call them “ghost photos” because we take them in haunted places, and weird images show up.  We’re not sure they’re actually ghosts.

Most ghost photos contain unexplained orbs and baffling columns of light.

It is extremely rare to photograph an apparition. Most “apparition” photos have been debunked. Often, it was disappointingly easy.

Ghost Photo Apps

Remember, you can download a “ghost photo” app.

When those were first in the marketplace, I received dozens of faked photos. The effect can be attractive and eerie, but if you know what to look for, you won’t be fooled.

Here’s a screenshot of one ad, including the typo in the description:

One ghost photo app

Here’s another ad, showing images I’ve seen in far more fake photos.

Another ghost photo app

This problem returns in cycles. As of late 2016, I’m seeing more fake photos.

I guess people forgot about those old apps, or a new generation of ghost hunters never knew about these apps in the first place.

If someone shows you a ghost photo that looks like an apparition, a Google image search might be a good idea.

Shadow People

shadow person - ghost photoShadow people seem to be easier to photograph. I’m not sure why.

This is important: We’re still trying to understand what shadow people are.

They may be ghosts.

They may be something else.

I’ve photographed a shadow person and the image was clear. One of those pictures is shown, on the right.

I’ve never photographed an apparition that looked like a solid or translucent full-body figure with features.

Author: Fiona Broome

Fiona Broome is a paranormal researcher and author. She describes herself as a "blip analyst," since she explores odd "blips" in reality. But mostly, she investigates ghosts and haunted places.