How do ghosts affect the afterlife?

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Three things are required to answer this question:

– First, you must believe in ghosts. I believe spirits visit us and sometimes interact with us.

mirror– Then, you must believe that the afterlife can be studied from our plane of existence.

I’m not sure we can make many inroads there. We seem to do better studying ghosts and spirits — visitors from the realm of the afterlife — than trying to perceive where they do (or should) reside.

– Above all, you must conduct this research yourself. It’s such a subjective topic, little that I can say would (and perhaps should) be useful.

These are topics best explored and decided by the individual, perhaps with a spiritual counsellor.

Speculation is okay… for fiction

In general, we can speculate that spirits on the other side are sympathetic to the plight of ghosts.

I believe some spirits are trying to help ghosts cross over, just as people on this side want to help.

Also, I’ve wondered if ghosts represent something that pre-dated the “in limbo” concept, because that’s what they’re doing, more or less.

So, it’s a great concept for fictional tales in which an angel or spirit briefly reincarnates to help a spirit (or ghost) cross over.

But, that’s fiction.

I also wonder if some ghost hunters — especially mediums and psychics — are prompted by spirits on the other side. Those spirits may lead the ghost hunters to sites where ghosts are trapped, and need some encouragement to cross over.

It seems like a happy thought, but I have no basis for it.

Mostly, this is wandering so far into spiritual topics, I cannot address the subject credibly.

Author: Fiona Broome

Fiona Broome is a paranormal researcher and author. She describes herself as a "blip analyst," since she explores odd "blips" in reality. But mostly, she investigates ghosts and haunted places.