Can a ghost follow you from place to place?

Can ghosts follow you?

No, not usually. Ghostly phenomena seem tied to locations.

If ghosts could go somewhere else, they probably would. (If you had a choice, would you spend relentless years at a site where people ignore you, or are afraid of you? Probably not.)

Can Ghosts Follow You? Maybe.Exceptions to this rule are rare.

One of them is Judith Thompson Tyng. Her ghost moved around Tyngsboro, Massachusetts (USA) for many years. Witnesses say she’s still there, over 200 years later.

According folklore, Judith tormented (and perhaps killed) two 18th century men responsible for her death.

One of them was John Alford Tyng, the father of her child. He killed her and buried her under the hearth of their home.

Then, when Judith haunted him, he moved to another house. Judith’s ghost followed him.

He tried again, with the same results.

Finally, when John Tyng was dying, Judith’s ghost stood at his door and prevented anyone from helping him.

Judith’s other victim was a quack called “Dr. Blood.” He’d pretended to be a minister or a Justice of the Peace, and conducted the marriage ceremony between Judith and John Tyng. 

The whole thing was a sham.

When Dr. Blood was found dead on a country road, Judith’s distinctive boot print was on his back. Folklore claims she’d forced his head into a puddle, and held him there until he drowned.

Other Entities Can Change Location

Of course, stories like those must be studied closely. About 99% of ghosts seem to stay in one place.  Anything that moves from one location to another might something else.

For example, poltergeists can follow and torment the people they select as targets. That’s why many researchers don’t believe poltergeists are ghosts.

Demons can follow people or even become attached to them. Demons can mimic ghosts.

Few credible stories describe a ghost changing locations. Even the Bell Witch was probably the product of several entities. Those include at least one opportunistic (and very alive) person in that community.

If You Think a Ghost Is Following You

sympathetic and comforting handsIf you think a ghost has followed you, see a priest or spiritual minister immediately.

Chances are, the problem isn’t a ghost. It could be something far worse. You might be at risk.

Don’t seek help from strangers, online.

Not even me.

Find a priest or full-time minister to help you, even if you are not a religious person or a member of that congregation. 

(A good minister won’t care.  His or her job is to help with spiritual matters, period and full stop.)

Most important: if you think a ghost is following you, get help right away. You could be at risk.


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Author: Fiona Broome

Fiona Broome is a paranormal researcher and author. She describes herself as a "blip analyst," since she explores odd "blips" in reality. But mostly, she investigates ghosts and haunted places.

22 thoughts on “Can a ghost follow you from place to place?”

  1. Several years ago I moved into a house and a couple of strange things happened to me I could not explain, I had some holy water and sprayed it all around my bedroom, the activity stopped ,but I could still sense there was something around the rest of my home. My partner moved in and he saw this entity standing outside my bedroom door a number of times, we have since moved house a couple of times and it has followed us and is now in are flat, it appears a couple of times a week, it just stands in different places or walked past the rooms, my partner has come out of kitchen a walked right into it, he was quite unnerved by it. It doesn’t interact with him (it did with me before I met my partner, although I didn’t see it, it twisted my fingers and pressed on my stomach), I have been catching glimpses of it out the corner of my eye lately, but my partner actually sees it, he said it is a dark figure, it is male like, but with no features, he said it is quite often standing behind me in our home, what could this be

    1. Hi, Lee, and thanks for asking this question.

      First of all, I don’t recommend holy water as a solution (no pun intended) for all – or even most – hauntings. If there is any possibility that the entity is in the demonic range – and I am not trying to scare you – holy water can make things far worse.

      Anything that’s so troublesome you’re thinking about holy water… you probably need an expert’s evaluation. For that, I’d go to a mainstream church for help, or to one of the few trusted, experienced demonologists. (And really, far too many people go online and declare that they’re professional demonologists, when – to long-term researchers like me – they clearly haven’t a clue.)

      But, since the activity stopped and did not increase, I think that whatever-it-is is probably benign. In other words, there’s little reason for deep concern.

      I’m not making light of what you’ve experienced. I believe you. However, as someone with decades of research in this field, I’m not seeing anything especially worrisome in this. In fact, you’re describing something I’ve encountered before, several times.

      From the start, the finger twisting and other physical issues sound more like a poltergeist than anything else. That can be unnerving and annoying, but it usually diminishes if you can keep calm. Don’t feed it the kinds of emotions it uses for power in our world.

      In fact, I suspect you’re actually dealing with two entities. The male form could be a ghost, possibly someone from your family history or your own past, and he’s protecting you.

      The finger-twisting entity might be a prankster spirit, and behaving as a poltergeist. Poltergeists tend to manifest around anyone with roller-coaster emotions, and are reported most often around teenagers, and women who’re going through challenging times or changes. Poltergeists go looking for anyone who’s struggling to deal with difficulties, especially when anger or sadness are involved.

      We don’t know a whole lot about poltergeists, but – for the (living) person who’s the focus of the activity – the less energy the poltergeist can draw upon, the better. Note: the focus isn’t always the same person providing the energy, but in long-term poltergeist activity, the energy usually centers around that person.

      If no physical “pranks” have happened since your partner moved in, the poltergeist may have moved on to other energy sources. And, though I can’t evaluate your situation with guaranteed precision, I’d start with the idea that the male entity is a protector, keeping an eye on things so you aren’t troubled by the other whatever-it-is.

      I hope this helps. Feel free to add comments if you have more concerns.

      Fiona Broome

  2. Hiya I am worried that a spirit has followed me from home to home… it started about 7 years ago with shelves being thrown off my shower wall, taps turning on etc. I then met my husband and I moved in with him from Nottingham United Kingdom to Kent United Kingdom, about 5 hours distance between then both. It has started up here now where I have moved to but this time it actually grabbed my leg and left a red mark across my ankle. It has started to throw clean clothes everywhere after just being washed, taps turning on again. I am unsure what to can someone please help??!

    1. Hello Zoe,

      I’m sorry to hear that this is happening to you and your husband. The most likely explanation is that it’s a poltergeist. That’s a controversial topic, and researchers aren’t sure if the issues are entirely caused by an entity, or if the energy is coming from someone living.

      The good news is: Poltergeists usually don’t cause serious injury. Usually, what they do is annoying more than damaging.

      I’ve written a few articles on this topic. Start with one at this website – “Can Ghosts Hurt People?” –

      Then take a look at “Mental Work, PK, and Poltergeists” –

      One of my other articles may be less helpful, but give you a little more information – “Poltergeists – What they are…” –

      Mostly, I recommend remaining as calm as you can. If leading theories are correct, a heightened emotional reaction actually provides fuel to the entity that’s behind the pranks.

      Also, remember that poltergeist activity fades with time. Unfortunately, these episodes rarely last just days or a few weeks, so you may need considerable patience.

      Keep a diary – what happens, when it happens, and where it happens. Note who’s nearby (in the house or just outside) and what’s going on with each of you, emotionally. See if you can spot any patterns, like cycles of the moon, time of day, and so on.

      With that, you might have some prediction of when odd things will happen.

      Also, you’re not alone with this issue. When my children were young, we had a couple of poltergeist episodes. In one case, I was pretty sure I knew which child was providing the energy for the mischief, and I’d say, “Okay, stop that now.” And, the problem would stop… until the next time that child was in a mood.

      Lately, the woman in the flat above us… well, let’s say she has boyfriend problems. When she has a fight with one of them, I’ll find the light on and things strewn wildly around my laundry room. (Oh, I should have mentioned: A lot of poltergeist activity happens near water sources… faucets, WCs, and so on.) I just tidy up after things simmer down, upstairs, and we’re fine until the next argument she has.

      I don’t worry too much because I’ve been around poltergeist activity during many ghost investigations. The occasional one can cause injury or damage that – in my opinion – the entity didn’t intend.

      Other than that, I just shrug it off, mutter “Poltergeists!” to myself, and ignore it.

      The less you panic, the less anxiety you feed into what’s going on, the better.

      I hope that’s helpful.


  3. Hiya thank you for getting back to me, I contacted my local witch shop and she has suggested getting sage and sea salt to cleanse my flat, but will be going to the church tomorrow to ask for more advice regarding this. Everything you have said sums everything up regarding what has been happening over the past several years. Thank you so much for your advice I will definitely look up the sites you gave me and get more information off them as well

    Kind Regards

    1. Hello again, Zoe, and I’m relieved to hear that my reply has been helpful.

      Sage can work. So can sea salt; I have a small bowl of it in my laundry room, right now. It didn’t halt the poltergeist activity, but it reduced it about 80%.

      Your minister may be helpful, as well. It depends on the context he or she places this in. (Avoid leaping to the idea that it’s demonic. In most cases, poltergeists seem to be benign… just a little too eager to get attention and cause mischief.)

      If I can answer any other questions, be sure to ask. Comments and questions like this can help others, too.


      Cheerfully, Fiona

  4. In my case I’ve never had cabinets open and close on their own or anything or objects thrown around just foot steps or popping sounds and when I was younger I would wake up with something on top of me breathing heavy threw my sheets I was very so scared at that point that was the lease Scarry thing that happen to but reasenly I’ve been touched [edited due to explicit content] do you have any advise I really like to what to do

    1. Linda sue, what you’re describing isn’t a ghost. It’s something else. If you’ve been physically harmed, I recommend going to the nearest mainstream church – whether or not you’re a member (or even if you believe) – and find a sympathetic minister to listen to you.

      If there is any possibility that you’re the victim of something demonic, you need professional, spiritual guidance. Frankly, I wouldn’t trust anyone who isn’t a respected professional. In demonology, that includes people like Peter Haviland in Texas, and John Zaffis in the Connecticut area.

      Your nearest mainstream church is your best local resource. Talk with someone today.

      If you don’t find anyone sympathetic – who takes you seriously – keep looking. Don’t give up. Something is causing you to be harmed, and that cannot be allowed to continue. It needs to be addressed, immediately.

      But the one thing I can assure you is: it’s not a ghost. Ghosts don’t behave like that, except in movies… and the occasional TV show that’s more fiction than fact.

    1. Mac, if you’re having that kind of problem, you need to speak with someone in real life. Go to the nearest mainstream church and speak with any priest/minister who seems sympathetic to this kind of issue. You don’t have to be a member of that church. You don’t even have to believe in what they preach. The reason to see the person is because she or he is a professional in spiritual matters, and – technically – ghosts and other entities like them are spirits.

      Don’t postpone this, hoping whatever-it-is will go away. It’s better to feel silly about your concerns – but be safe – than to let things escalate until you’re at risk.

      Trusting someone online – even me – isn’t a good idea. This needs to be a face-to-face conversation, and with someone in your community who has nothing to gain (power, control, money) from helping you. It has to be someone whose ministry is mainstream (not cultic or “out there”) and the person has an open mind about spirits. (If they don’t, they may smirk, but they’ll usually refer you to someone else they know, personally.)

    1. Ray, I’ve heard that, too. Some people point to Bible passages that suggest water is some protection against demons. Others point to passages that suggest the opposite. So, I’m not taking sides in that discussion.

      There is some anecdotal evidence that crossing a large body of salt water – like an ocean – can prevent spirits from following you. That’s a “maybe” as far as I’m concerned.

      Anecdotally, we have evidence of things like the Snallygaster (“Schnellegeister”) traveling to America, following European ships. (See my article describing Snallygasters: Burkittsville – Real ‘Blair Witch’ Ghosts.) However, the Snallygaster might be what Native Americans described as a Thunderbird. (I reference that in Bell Witch- A True Ghost Story.)

      Likewise, Banshees seem to follow families, even when that involves crossing the ocean.

      So, if you’re trying to evade or escape a spirit, I wouldn’t count on ocean travel to solve the problem.

      I hope that answer is helpful, even if I can’t give you a simple, definitive answer.

  5. I live in a newer apartment and I have never felt anything at all. A couple of months ago I bought this mirror from a rummage sale and it clicked a few days ago that ever sense I bought this mirror things have been happening and progressing. I disposed of the mirror but I’m worried that it broke later on after disposing of it in a dumpster and things seem to still be happening. I was hoping that when I got rid of the mirror whatever was connected to it would leave to. There were weird finger prints on the mirror, also black like mass figures going past super fast. Can anyone help answer if they think this was possibly attached to the mirror and what I should do?

    1. Stephanie, the mirror might have had something attached to it, and – since it broke – that may have left the entity without a home. That’s unfortunate.

      In your situation, the first thing I’d do is a space clearing. I describe some techniques in my Hollow Hill article, Residual Energy Solutions. A traditional treatment is a sage smudge (turn off your smoke detectors while you do this) or I’ve used nag champa incense sticks. But noise works, vacuuming works… anything that stirs up the energy to dislodge negative forces.

      If that doesn’t solve the problem, try giving the entity a new home. Get an unbreakable mirror of any size (small is fine)… something made of mylar or plastic. Something pretty or ornate is ideal, or you could use acrylic paint (available in small bottles for stenciling, etc., at Michael’s or any arts & crafts store). The idea is to make the mirror attractive… more attractive than, say, your bathroom mirror. Then, place the mirror in a closet. You could even talk about loud to whatever-it-is, apologize for breaking the old mirror, and say you’re making amends with this replacement. See if that reduces the problem. If so, wrap the mirror in something like duct tape, and then take the mirror to any wooded area, and bury it.

      But, if you continue to see black-ish figures (perhaps shadow people) and the problem isn’t going away, a little at a time, see if a mainstream minister or priest (someone who takes paranormal research seriously, but does not immediately decide “it’s all demonic”) can help. What you’re describing might not be ghostly, and you’ll want to be certain it’s not malicious.

  6. Hello. Since a young child I’ve always felt something has been with me. In exams I had an imaginary unknown let livi g under my bed for years. That had gone away with time. My grandmother had mentioned the boogeyman one day and I calmly asked if the boogeyman was the black cloud floating around in my room at night. I’ll never forget her face when I asked that. In that same place one night I remember being awoken to the bedroom door being slammed open. I was facing the wall and pretended to be asleep. Saw no shadow on the wall. In the morning I inspected the door and wall. It had slammed hard enough to put a whole in the wall from the door knob. Things like me seeing the black cloud have always been with me even in adult hood theough many houses and states. Ive been pushed down by the face and on to the floor at a point in my life and sensed a presence standing over me. I’ve had tickles and tugs on the back of my shirt at times through put life. I get strange weird feelings and tears begin to calmly leave my eye. I have had moments of rage uncontrollable where I get violent or have gotten violent with partners. Sometimes laughing crazily. That could simply be emotional unstableness I only mention that last part to give you an idea that yes emotional distress has been an issue for me through out life. I have had dreams that I wake up from and see bodies laying with me in bed each time panicking and jumping out of bed. I don’t know if I even believe in this stuff but I just get these uneasy feelings and the door as a kid and the clouds I see moving around at night are a bit much. I’ve always just thought the black cloud was pre-dreaming symptoms since they always happen before sleep. What do you think? If there is something it has followed me since an extremely early age. I hate to think that as a possibility.

    1. Chris, to be honest, I recommend speaking with a professional about the emotional distress of this, first. That can exacerbate any paranormal encounter. (Plus that, the rage & violent impulses need to be addressed, whatever the cause.)

      I like your comment, that you don’t know if you even believe in this stuff. That’s a healthy attitude.

      A black cloud is odd, and not something I hear about very often among ghost researchers. It could be something else… though, being honest about this: we use terms like “ghosts” and “shadow people,” etc., to describe the phenomena. So far, no one has independent, scientific evidence to define what these things are.

      Personally, my general guideline is: If it feels frightening, triggers lower/angry emotions, or looks dark/ominous… avoid it. Some entities – generally the ones people categorize as “demonic” – can be involved. They can put you and others at risk.

      But, to get back to the topic of this article: I’m skeptical when I hear about a ghost following someone from one place to another, especially one that persists. Few ghosts move from one location to another.

      What you’re describing could be something as benign (although annoying) as a poltergeist, but it could be something else that’s more dangerous.

      I think the first step is to address the emotional stress; that’s what poltergeists thrive on, and… well, it’s not healthy for you or those near to you. So, first see if you can find an open-minded professional – someone who takes paranormal research seriously (as opposed to thinking it’s all rather mad) – to help with the emotional stress.

      After that’s reduced as much as possible, you’ll be better able to evaluate the paranormal activity. And, if it turns out to be something alarming or sinister, I recommend contacting John Zaffis for help or a referral. Despite how he was presented on TV, John is among the few professionals I’d trust when dealing with an entity that might put you (and people near you) at risk.

  7. Hi!

    We used to live in a house built on a burned out foundation where a person died in the fire. My husband was familiar with this person and said he was a very nice man who loved children.

    I had always felt some sort of presence, and our cats would act strangely at times. I never felt scared or intimidated by the presence. When we had children it became a more frequent phenomenon to feel as though someone else was there in the house.

    We moved to a new home we built not far from our old home Ava because we had a second floor it was easier to hear unexplained noises- footsteps upstairs and doors opening or closing when no one was upstairs. My husband who scoffs at the idea that ghosts are real has asked me who was upstairs when no one was there. All our children’s bedrooms are upstairs and that is where the presence is the strongest and the random noises come from.

    As our children have gotten older, I have noticed less activity, but it has not stopped altogether.

    Do you think that we really have a ghost, and do you think he will leave once the children are gone?

    I am just curious, but not really bothered by the presence. Or should I be?

    1. Jenny, the ghost might leave as the children grow up. If so, the spirit was probably watching over them, making sure they were safe. (If the spirit was anything dangerous, I’m fairly certain you’d already have noticed warning signs, at the very least.)

      Many homes have quiet, fairly innocuous ghosts. People live with them, comfortably. (And some don’t even realize the ghosts are there.) There’s no reason for alarm as long as everyone understands healthy boundaries.

      Generally, ghosts don’t travel from one location to another. So, if the ghost leaves when the children grow up, the ghost is probably “crossing over” to his or her next destination.

      I wouldn’t worry.

  8. Hey, I’ve had an entity follow me from house to house. They showed up just after my three month old brother died(I was three at the time), and they started simply peeking into my room, as if checking on me. They also tend to check more frequently on days where I’m in emotional distress. They provide an aura of protection and calm, and I don’t think they’re malevolent.
    My only real confusion is with the why and the what. Why has this entity followed me wherever I go and what are they? They don’t exactly have a human appearance, and they look like Anubis might if he was made from shadows.
    Any thoughts?

    1. Jack, as long as it’s not malevolent, I wouldn’t worry about it too much. You could try talking to them, and see if you get any yes/no indications.

      The Anubis reference is an interesting one, because we don’t fully understand why those gods/spirits were represented like that. Was it a literal interpretation of how they appeared? If so, the answer to your question might be in Egyptian spiritual & folkloric studies. (I’m reminded of the original “Stargate” movie, with James Spader.)

      I’m not an authority on aliens, and I haven’t found time to read much of Sitchin’s theories, but the consistency of some ancient images is startling. Do any of them actually relate to what’s following you…? I haven’t a clue.

      I’m seeing increased reports like yours. Not the Anubis part, but the shadowy-but-protective aspects. Have they been around us, all along, and we weren’t ready to see them? (Maybe, now that more people accept the idea of ghosts, they’re willing to see other entities? For that, I’m reminded of the old movie, “Beetlejuice,” where there’s a comment that living won’t see the dead, like it’s a decision/block that the living have in place.)

      All of this is on the fringe of my research, but it’s something that interest me. If you discover anything more about what’s following you, I’d be very interested in learning about it.

  9. Hello! I don’t know very much about spirits and have had experience only once, and it was with a spirit that has seemed to follow my best friend and her fiance each time they move and supposedly has been with her fiance for a few years. The entity doesn’t really interact, you can hear it walking around from time to time and feel it’s presence, it may rattle a doorknob here and there. But I’m more concerned about it than she seems to be. The first time I stayed the night with them after they moved cities, I had a dream the last night of my visit. It was pitch dark but I knew where I was and I could feel negative, heavy energy all around me. I tried to get up and make it to my friends bedroom but before I could reach the door I was weighed down by whatever energy was there. Then it restarted and I tried again to get to the bedroom but the same thing happened. It repeated about 3 or 4 times, each time I made it less of the way to the bedroom. Eventually I woke up, sweating my butt off. They moved adherent apartments and when I went to see them, she and I would hear it walking around upstairs and even heard it run down the stairs. As you could imagine I was terrified after everything. I’m not sure whether this thing is good or bad or somewhere between. It doesn’t seem to bother her but I’m very unnerved by it.

    1. Lex, this could be a ghost if you’re sensitive to energy. That is, if the ghost isn’t actually trying to stop you, but you – as an empath, perhaps – are sensing the heavy energy of the spirit. That makes the most sense to me, unless the ghost is unduly protective of the fiance, or something like that.

      If you’re going to be around whatever-it-is, in the future, I suggest getting some kosher salt (though any salt can work) and putting it in a small bag (or snack-sized plastic bag), so you have it with you when you’re around the fiance. If you’re sleeping at their home, tuck the salt into a pocket of whatever you sleep in. Generally, that’s enough to deflect heavy spiritual energy, and some interference by spirits.

      Also, talk with the fiance about it. Ask when this started, and if the fiance has an explanation… and any tips for dealing with it.

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