Is Disney’s Haunted Mansion really haunted?

For years, Disney’s Haunted Mansion attractions have been connected with ghost stories.

light bulbAmong all of the Haunted Mansion attractions, the one at Walt Disney World has the most haunted reputation. I’ve heard compelling first-person stories from cast members who worked there.

But, in recent years, some cast members have wondered if the ghost at the front hall was actually connected to a former cast member, not the house.

Since he stopped working there, the “ghostly” activity has stopped.

Also, in at least 100 visits at both Disneyland (CA) and Disney World (FL), I’ve never encountered anything genuinely ghostly.

For a better answer to your question, ask former Haunted Mansion cast members. Some have websites. Also see stories at and

For the latest ghost stories, ask cast members dressed as Haunted Mansion staff. Most probably don’t know (or won’t admit to) any real ghost stories at the attraction.

You’ll have the best luck immediately outside the Haunted Mansion’s exit. There, some cast members are more chatty.

Remember, Disney’s Haunted Mansion attractions’ ghosts are “all in good fun.” That attraction is designed to entertain the entire family. For lurid ghost stories (real or imagined), you’ll have more success outside Disney theme parks.

One more tip: Ask about ghosts at the Pirates of the Caribbean attraction. Some first-person stories from former cast members seem credible and fascinating. If the stories are true, Pirates is far more haunted than the Haunted Mansion.

Don’t overlook Universal Studios’ theme parks in Florida. Search online (look for “USF ghosts”).

Look for ghost stories about the Back to the Future attraction, later redesigned as The Simpsons. Some say it’s one of the most interesting haunts in Orlando.

(Warning: Ghost reports from the old Kongfrontation attraction are unreliable. Universal is meticulous about safety for workers as well as guests. Any time you hear a ghost story related to someone who supposedly died at a theme park, raise an eyebrow. Then, fact-check what really happened… if anything. In many cases, the stories are 100% fiction.)

What’s the best haunted house attraction at a theme park?

Unless it’s Halloween, few theme parks feature a haunted house among their attractions.

ghost figure in haunted house attractionTheme parks like Universal (Orlando, Florida) stage haunted houses and scary locations for their Halloween “Horror Nights.”

They can be great if you’re looking for “a good scare.” But, they’re usually more grisly than authentic.

That’s why Disney’s Haunted Mansion is one of the world’s most popular haunted house attractions.

I like the classic style of Gracey Mansion (the real name of the first Haunted Mansion attraction) at Disneyland.

For size and grandeur, the Haunted Mansion at Disney World (Florida) is in a class of its own.  Disney constantly improve and expand the decor, too. I’m always impressed.

If you’re a Haunted Mansion enthusiast, be sure to see the 1963 movie, The Haunting. It inspired many elements you’ll see in Disney’s Haunted Mansion attractions.

For fans of “Hidden Mickeys” at Disney theme parks, learn their locations before you visit the Haunted Mansion.

The Haunted Mansion is wall-to-wall images of ghosts and haunted places. Prepare to be overwhelmed during a first visit.

Also, don’t overlook the first-ever “Hidden Donald.” It’s also at the Haunted Mansion.

Now and then, a theme park tries to introduce a good, haunted house attraction. The balance between “fun” and “scary” is a tricky one, and few attractions can match what Disney has achieved.