Have TV shows ever found real evidence of ghosts?

It’s not just a skeptical question. Plenty of people ask me why they’ve never seen a real ghost on TV. They want to know if ghost hunting TV shows ever found real evidence of ghosts.

TV shows — and paranormal researchers, in general — don’t find real evidence of ghosts because, so far, there is none.

We’ve found nothing convincing that we can show others. Skeptics like the (not so) “Amazing Randi” will always find flaws, shortcomings, or weaknesses in the recordings of all kinds.

Investigators can show that something odd is going on.

1839 photograph of R. CorneliusBy process of elimination, and with an open-minded witness on the scene, they can show that it had no obvious (normal) cause.

Despite that, no one can prove a ghost caused whatever happened.

Shows such as the Ghost Hunters franchise and Ghost Lab have impressed me.  They’ve shown the world fresh, effective research techniques and tools.

However, that’s not scientific (“real”) evidence of ghosts.

For now, I doubt that anyone will produce scientific evidence on ghost-related TV shows… or in real life.

I hope I’m wrong, but I haven’t seen the progress I’d hoped for.

What’s the worst TV show about ghosts?

Among shows I’ve seen, Extreme Paranormal was one of the worst TV shows about ghosts. The stars of that show can tell you why.

Many other, short-lived series — especially “fear” style shows — have been perfectly awful, too.

annoyed catDon’t blame the stars of those shows. Some are actual paranormal researchers, and good ones. (Sadly, you’d never guess it from the shows.)

Where do the problems come from? Usually, it’s how the shows are produced, written, directed, and edited.

From the few snippets I’ve seen, Dead Files is on my worst list… but only if people take the show seriously. What I saw looked like a parody of what researchers like me really do.

The Haunted Collector show disappointed me more than most. I’ve know John Zaffis since we both spoke at paranormal conferences in the late 1990s or so.

John is a tremendous researcher, and an authoritative “walking encyclopedia” of paranormal insights and information.

The show’s producers never seemed to get that, or showcase his expertise. That was tragic.

But, in general, ghost hunting and TV shows are two very different things. When you watch a ghost hunting TV show or movie, remember that.

Personally, I’m interested in ghost research, not the TV shows.

The only reason I watch “extreme” ghost-related shows is to understand the context of the emails and comments I receive.

When something seems to come out of left field, it’s usually the result of a TV show.

I’ve been sorry to see producers and networks cancel good TV shows. However, the demise of the worst TV shows about ghosts… that’s been a relief.