What does EMF have to do with ghosts?

What do electromagnetic fields (EMF) have to do with ghosts?

Unusual levels of EMF can occur at haunted sites.  That’s practically routine.

In the mid 20th century, some researchers talked about bafflingly low levels of EMF at haunted sites.

Anomalous energy - EMF and ghostsIn the 21st century, we hear more reports of extraordinarily high surges of EMF. If they can’t be explained by faulty wiring or EMF-emitting devices, they’re paranormal.

High EMF can disorient people. High EMF can cause headaches, nausea, and even hallucinations.

So, a site with unhealthy EMF levels can seem ghostly, when the issue is a normal, electrical issue.

Professionals must rule out elevated EMF from electrical problems. That’s one reason we do a baseline sweep of each investigation site. We’re looking for normal issues that can produce paranormal-like phenomena.

Often, paranormal EMF spikes are fleeting.  Those are the anomalies that interest us… but what are they, really? We don’t know.

Some people believe that ghosts manifest electromagnetic energy.

Others, including me, suspect that the EMF spikes occur as a signal that ghostly energy might be entering the site.

Quantum Leap -AlI explain it in terms of the old TV show, Quantum Leap. In that TV series, one character (Al) regularly traveled through time. Then, he emerged through an energy doorway.

We don’t usually see that kind of doorway at haunted locations. However, energy transference – through time or between worlds — might manifest as EMF spikes.

Of course, that’s just a theory. I have no proof. My guess may be completely wrong, and – by the time you read this – I may have revised it.

(I try not to be dogmatic. At least 90% of what we think about ghosts is speculation, not fact. We’re a long way from having proof.)

Frankly, we don’t know what EMF levels have to do with ghosts. We only know that we observe more unexplained EMF spikes in haunted places.

For all we know, that may be a mere coincidence.

What’s the best kind of EMF detector?

Most EMF detectors are designed to help people measure unhealthy levels of EMF energy. You’d use one to check electrical equipment like computers, microwaves, and wiring in your basement.

Ghost hunters need specialized EMF devices.

K-II meters were among the first highly acclaimed EMF detectors used by ghost hunters. The K-II is still one of my favorites. It’s sensitive and easy to use. However, I’ve discovered inconsistencies among K-II meters. Big inconsistencies.

Two identical K-IIs can respond completely differently. I borrowed one from Grant Wilson (formerly on the “Ghost Hunters” TV series) and his worked great. It seemed to detect all kinds of subtle, anomalous energy.

Since then, I acquired another, identical K-II. After nearly two years of testing, it’s not sensitive enough.

Ghost Meter ProStarting in 2014, I’ve used a Ghost Meter Pro. (Don’t laugh. I’m serious.)

Yes, it comes in an “As Seen on TV!” package. That’s more than a little shady.

So, I can’t vouch for consistent quality. I might have an extraordinarily good one.

I also have an Ovilus III. Likewise, it’s a good meter, but it cost me about five times as much as the Ghost Meter Pro.

(The Ovilus also does about five times more things. It senses temperature variations, and “talks” from a dictionary or using phonetic sounds. It does other things, as well.)

I keep going back to the Ghost Meter Pro because it’s so easy to use. Sometimes, the simplest tools are the best ones.

The best EMF meter is the one you use with confidence. It’s any EMF meter that produces good results for you.

You have many choices. Some EMF meters make noise, others have colored lights, and some have both. Many EMF meters have a dial so you can see the precise level of EMF you’re encountering.

For ghost hunting, make sure your EMF meter has at least one setting that is extremely sensitive.

Remember, a standard EMF meter from the hardware store may be great for seeing if your microwave oven is leaking energy. It probably won’t be sensitive enough for ghost research.

Read reviews and recommendations by other ghost hunters. Ask friends and team members if you can try their EMF meters.  See what you like, and what works well for you.

Above all, avoid EMF meters that you have to watch all the time.  The meter should be a tool, not a distraction.

You may find gently-used EMF equipment online at a reasonable price. Check sites like eBay for good, used equipment with a money-back guarantee.