What do ghosts look like in real ghost photos?

First, in my opinion, we’re not sure what ghost photos really are.

They’re anomalies. They’re baffling.

But, the images may not represent actual spirits or ghostly energy.

We call them “ghost photos” because we take them in haunted places, and weird images show up.  We’re not sure they’re actually ghosts.

Most ghost photos contain unexplained orbs and baffling columns of light.

It is extremely rare to photograph an apparition. Most “apparition” photos have been debunked. Often, it was disappointingly easy.

Ghost Photo Apps

Remember, you can download a “ghost photo” app.

When those were first in the marketplace, I received dozens of faked photos. The effect can be attractive and eerie, but if you know what to look for, you won’t be fooled.

Here’s a screenshot of one ad, including the typo in the description:

One ghost photo app

Here’s another ad, showing images I’ve seen in far more fake photos.

Another ghost photo app

This problem returns in cycles. As of late 2016, I’m seeing more fake photos.

I guess people forgot about those old apps, or a new generation of ghost hunters never knew about these apps in the first place.

If someone shows you a ghost photo that looks like an apparition, a Google image search might be a good idea.

Shadow People

shadow person - ghost photoShadow people seem to be easier to photograph. I’m not sure why.

This is important: We’re still trying to understand what shadow people are.

They may be ghosts.

They may be something else.

I’ve photographed a shadow person and the image was clear. One of those pictures is shown, on the right.

I’ve never photographed an apparition that looked like a solid or translucent full-body figure with features.

What’s the best kind of video camera for ghost hunting?

You should be comfortable with any camera you use.

For beginners, the best video camera is the one you’ll really use. If that’s your mobile phone, it’s fine for now.

Later, choose a dedicated video camera for your ghost investigations. It doesn’t need to be very expensive.

Your video camera should include:

– A good lens. Glass lenses are better than plastic lenses.  Even if the video camera seems expensive, ask if the lens is glass or plastic.

– A stabilizer to steady the image if your hands are shaking. Today, that’s a normal feature in video equipment.

– The ability to film in low light conditions.

– Also, make sure you can secure your video camera to a tripod, so you can set it up and leave it running.  (If it wobbles, that can affect video integrity.)

Are you good at capturing ghosts on video?  Explore specialized video cameras. Some can produce extraordinary results.

Any equipment I’d recommend in this book might be “old” and replaced by better options by the time you read this.

I recommend watching ghost-related TV shows to see what equipment they’re using. (Sometimes, they get access to specialized tools before the public does.)

Also go to public ghost hunting events, and ask professional ghost hunters which brands and models they prefer. Ask them which video camera features (what bells & whistles) are most useful. They’ll probably point you in the direction of high-end equipment… but maybe not.

Always ask, “Can you suggest a good video camera for someone on a budget?”  Most professional ghost hunters started out with limited budgets. They know what’s worth buying, and what isn’t.

Keep in mind: Some professional ghost hunters don’t really understand their equipment. Always get a second and third opinion. In some cases, the extraordinary results from a certain camera may be more about the person using it than the camera itself.

That’s true of all ghost hunting equipment.

Compare results, and compare users

For example, I know two high-profile paranormal researchers who own “Frank’s Boxes.” Those boxes were made by Frank Sumption, and seem to use radio waves (and snippets of sounds) to form words that “speak” for ghosts.

Franks box
Frank’s Box, opened. Photo courtesy Coast-to-Coast AM.

I’ve seen Researcher A use a Frank’s Box with astonishing accuracy. He has complete faith in the box.

Unfortunately, some of Researcher A’s business practices damaged his reputation.

(That’s tragic, because he really is a gifted researcher.)

Researcher B has a better professional reputation, but flits from one tool or theory to the next.

That researcher swears that, after a while, Frank’s Boxes stop working.

After watching Researcher B at various paranormal events, I concluded that Researcher B is bright and clever… but hasn’t the same ghost hunting skills as Researcher A. (I’m not even sure Researcher B believes that paranormal experiences are real.)

Also, I believe that Researcher A gets better results because he maintains faith in the box. (He’s also convinced that Frank had a unique, mystical gift that transformed each box.)

I believe ghost hunting tools work best when people are confident about the results. That means believing that the tools work, and believing that paranormal encounters are possible.

Get and use equipment that you feel good about. That includes video cameras.