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Homemade Dowsing Rods

How to make your own dowsing rods Many ghost hunters use dowsing rods to identify things — like underground streams and electrical wiring — that can create false positives in ghost research. Others use dowsing rods for a second purpose: To identify areas of high paranormal activity or vulnerability. Whether or not you believe that dowsing rods work, they’re easy to make and fun to experiment with. You’ll need: Two… Read More »

Pendulums – How They Work and How to Use Them

What is a pendulum? In popular use, a pendulum usually refers to any weighted object that can swing back and forth. You’ve probably seen pendulums (or pendula) on old clocks.  The pendulum is the round thing below the face of the clock, and the pendulum swings back and forth, rhythmically, keeping time. If you pause the pendulum, the clock stops working. In ghost hunting, a pendulum is usually a small,… Read More »

Pendulum Experiments

This past weekend — en route the Mal’s Pals benefit where Kris Williams was speaking — Sean Paradis (of Sleeping Meadows) presented me with a wonderful collection of his latest pendulums.  I’ve mentioned them before, because they’re so extraordinary, and they’ve led me to re-think my disdain for pendulums in paranormal research. My history with pendulums As a kid, I used a pendulum now and then.  Like many teen girls,… Read More »

Homemade EVP Devices?

I’m fascinated by things that are emerging from mad scientists’ labs… or at least the kitchen tables of kindred spirits (no pun intended) who think like I do. Here are a few odd, recent discoveries: I’m not sure what to think of the Super Beacon Auto-mapper Crystal Quantum Radio. (I try never to dismiss anything that might help us figure out what anomalies really are.) Well, the price tag on… Read More »